Rabbi Pinto explains: Why is it Forbidden to Engage in Sorcery?

  (photo credit: Shuva Israel)
(photo credit: Shuva Israel)

Our world is full of mysticism and the desire to experience the unknown. Yet the Torah warns us not to engage in sorcery and not to attempt to know the future. Why? Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto expanded on this subject in his recent talk and opened a window to the Torah mindset that should accompany us every day.

"What is sorcery?" asked Rabbi Pinto. "One person goes to another and tells him: ‘This is what will happen to you,’ ‘This is what will befall you.’ He is committing an unparalleled sin. It is a dire violation, because the Torah commands us to be wholehearted and trusting in our relationship with God."

Watch his full words:

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"Do you have a problem? Open your Book of Psalms. Do you have a concern? Go to a rabbi who will bless you. But going to fortune tellers - this is gravely forbidden to Jews. Be wholehearted with your God, no matter what.

“Even if you are about to die, pray to Hashem to save you. Even if a sharp sword is perched on a person's neck, let him not despair of mercy. There is enormous power in prayers. A person who prays from the bottom of his heart can have a great impact on the world," added Rabbi Pinto.

Rabbi Pinto concluded: "Prayer has the power to change everything. Prayer has the power to revive even a dead person, but everything depends on one’s faith. A person who treats his prayer like a business deal, and doesn’t think too much about what he is saying, it's not good. A person should have complete and wholehearted faith."

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