Don't lock yourself in: Be focused - but with an open mind

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Persistence is critical for everything in life, but sometimes you have to show flexibility, Rabbi Pinto explained in his last talk in Miami.

Rabbi Pinto explained that when we have faith in something, we invest so much of ourselves in it that we become “locked” on it and are sure it is the absolutely right thing. That causes us to often miss other good things that may come to the fore.

Rabbi Pinto

Therefore, Rabbi Pinto emphasized, one should be open-minded. On the one hand, one should be consistent, but on the other, one should be flexible and open to picking up good things along the way.

"One has to believe and go after what he believes, but he should always look around in case he can find better ideas. People who were always open to alternatives succeeded much more than people who believed in something and wouldn’t consider other options," said Rabbi Pinto.

"A person should be clear about his life goal, think about his goal, believe in his way, but always have his eyes open. The goal he believes in should not make him ignore important things that cross his path."

Rabbi Pinto added, "Each one of us experienced big things during our lifetime. If one puts all his eggs in one basket, he will lose other things he could have had. A person who could have learned and achieved and made himself better in several ways, but focused on only one thing, will lose everything else."

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel