Rabbi Pinto in a heartrending talk from his sickbed: "I was between life and death"

  (photo credit: Shuva Israel)
(photo credit: Shuva Israel)

A few days after he was admitted to the hospital in New York where he underwent a long and complex medical procedure, last night Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto was able to return home. He delivered an emotional talk from his sickbed.

In a rare moment, Rabbi Pinto recounted what happened to him within the walls of the hospital, mentioning the dramatic moments when he was suspended between life and death. "On Tuesday, I was hanging between life and death. I had already said my confession and recited the Shema. I was hanging in the balance… between life and death… my life was definitely in danger."

In those moments, Rabbi Pinto said, what was on his mind was the historic occasion that is expected to take place next month on 25 Elul at Menorah Temple in Tel Aviv. Ten thousand people who finished the Book of Zohar are expected to participate.

"I prayed a lot," he said, "that God would allow me to stand on the 25th of Elul and sing “V’amartem koh lechai Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.” Rabbi Shimon can be relied upon in times of need. How many miracles have been done to us in the merit of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai? And in the merit of the Book of Deuteronomy which is a great light and was Moses’ final address to our nation? Our Teacher ‘Moses would speak and God will answer him in a voice.’"

Rabbi Pinto detailed the activity of Shuva Israel in the world: "All of Shuva Israel’s teachings and its path is to add Torah study halls, to add groups who are learning Torah.”

He explained that “Shuva Israel’s path is to fulfill Torah wholeheartedly - God’s Torah, a pure and pristine Torah that in this generation empowers the mind and vision, and helps one achieve profound contemplation of things that should be contemplated."

Rabbi Pinto mentioned that while there are indeed many ways to serve God, but "our way is the way of true seekers of God, a way of people who cleave to God and are devoted to Him. It involves strong contemplation, love of the Torah, love of chasidism, and love of wholehearted faith. It is a way that also includes taking risks. It is the way that brings light," he added.

At the end of his talk, Rabbi Pinto thanked everyone who prayed for his recovery and said: "The Holy One will give us all a great salvation. All the righteous individuals who prayed for me the entire week - continue to pray. I am still classified a person whose life is in danger. Continue to pray that with the help of God, there will be healing and life, and joy and success. All those who prayed for me, may God pay you back for your kindness and may your reward be complete. Thank you very much, may there be good news, salvation, joy and all that is good."

The full talk:

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