Tu BiShvat: Vote for JPost's.com new 'tree logo'

Help Jewish National Fund-USA and The Jerusalem Post say happy birthday to the trees.

JNF-USA forest in Rosh Ha'Ayin (photo credit: JNF USA)
JNF-USA forest in Rosh Ha'Ayin
(photo credit: JNF USA)
For the first time in decades, readers of The Jerusalem Post will have the opportunity to reimagine the newspaper’s historic logo in a way that reflects the Jewish people’s deep connection to the environment and planting trees in Israel. 
Thanks to Jewish National Fund, Israel was one of the few countries to enter the 21st Century with a net-gain in trees.
The Post teamed up with JNF-USA and asked artists from around the world to submit their reimagined Jerusalem Post logo ... and to have their friends, family and social networks vote on their entry. Now, you can vote, too.
VOTE for your favorite tree logo! 
If you have trouble with the online form below, click here.
The top 10 logo submissions that receive the most votes will be presented to a panel of expert judges who will select the winner. 
The new logo will replace the existing Jerusalem Post logo over the Tu BiShvat holiday, from January 27 to 28.