Citrus on your wall

Spice up your home with international color company Patone's color of the year, a bold orange-red called Tangerine Tango.

Citrus paint slides (photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
Citrus paint slides
(photo credit: Thinkstock/Imagebank)
The color of the year has been picked straight from the orchard in the form of a juicy sweet mandarin. Akin to the tasty fruit, Tangerine Tango adds warmth and lusciousness to the walls and furniture of the home. An orange-red shade looks great on a central wall in the living room, in the dining room or in the entrance to the home. You can integrate it with a white or light grey-stone hue to refine the combination and create a contrast.
Alternatively, it is a fitting color for complementary accessories, thus decorative pillows in this shade go well with a white sofa, alongside other pillows in green-lime and deep red. A large vase or tall lamp in an orange-red shade would add a bright and energizing pop of color to a room.
The color palette of orange includes a whole range of shades, offering the option to use the color in its dark essence or in milder tones.
Another color that is in fashion is red. Bold, dramatic, passionate, chic and other such adjectives have been ascribed to the hottest shade of all. Red is timeless, will always be relevant and parallels black and white in the color scale. Red goes well with black, white, steel and concrete-grey and is suitable for a modern, urban design.
 Hot red, orange-red or clay red can be combined with yellow, lime green, cream, stone or wood to create a soft, light-hearted look.
Integrating bold colors
A power wall: Choose a focal wall in the room and paint it red or orange-red. It’s recommended not to pack the painted wall with too many items. Opt for a large and impressive sofa, an African sculpture against the wall or two armchairs. In other words, select one or two prominent items that will .go well with the intense background
Styling with color: Pops of color in a room can be integrated in the form of complementary accessories such throw T pillows, a vase, colorful drapes, a red carpet, serving utensils. It’s best not to go overboard with the colorful items in order to give decorative presence to a specific item. Two red or orange items are enough to give the room a focus.
Rooms in color: Since red is a classic color, it can suit any room. A red wall in the bedroom behind a bed covered with white linen adds passion to the room. An orangered shade in the bathroom can create the look of a chic boutique hotel. Orange-red furniture in a playroom will render a cheerful atmosphere.
The right touch: You know when it’s right. You can feel the need for color and add a special touch. Sometimes a vase filled with red roses on a side table is enough to give the whole living room a stylish look.
The writer is the chief designer at the Nirlat paint company.