That’s Lifestyle: Summer Lovin'

Lifestyle Editor wraps up week’s stories: Travel tips to prolong the summer; High Holy Days creep up; Tel Aviv goes to Tokyo.

Tel Aviv 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/NIR ELIAS)
Tel Aviv 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/NIR ELIAS)
The slight drop in temperatures over the past week and the beginning of the new school year are all signs that the Israeli summer is nearly over. However, in an effort to prolong the summer, travel and vacation features have taken center stage here at the JPost Lifestyle desk.
During an exclusive interview with the The Jerusalem Post, Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov explained that despite the global economic downturn, which is also affecting Israel, the number of incoming tourists has increased. Even the most seasoned traveller would be surprised to read of the hidden gems that editor John Benzaquen uncovered. Ruth Beloff showed that no matter how far Jews travel, Judaism can make people feel right at home, and on a more serious note, James Harris looked at what needs to be done to maximize the Israeli tourism industry’s full potential.
Ruins of the Nabatean city of Avdat (Courtesy)Ruins of the Nabatean city of Avdat (Courtesy)
While talk of vacations and travel distract us from the end of the summer, there’s no hiding the fact that the High Holy Days are fast approaching. To keep on top of things, make sure to explore the High Holy Days 5773 page for up-to-date JPost features and news. An essential read for anyone looking to make the most of the holidays.
Click for more JPost High Holy Day featuresClick for more JPost High Holy Day features
Alternative health expert Natalie Marx wasted no time getting into the High Holy Days spirit, with her in-depth look at the health benefits of honey. Who knew that this Rosh Hashana staple could help cure a hangover?
In order for there to be a hangover, the wine on the table must be good enough to drink. That’s where JPost’s veteran wine expert Adam Montefiore comes in. His tips on choosing the right wine for the right occasion will ensure that any holiday meal will run smoothly; or not, as the case may be.
The right wine can make all the difference (Courtesy)The right wine can make all the difference (Courtesy)
With a couple of weeks to go until the madness of the holidays really sets in, there is still time to enjoy a relaxed coffee. But as people go back to work and students get back into the swing of things it’s important to think about having the right atmosphere for a bit of computer action at the same time. Taste TLV’s list of the top 5 laptop-friendly coffee shops in Tel Aviv was right on the mark.
Finding the Tel Aviv scene somewhat repetitive? Those who find themselves in Tokyo during September can enjoy a flavor of what the White City has to offer when “pop- up” radio bar Teder takes it own unique brand to the Japanese capital.
It’s always a proud moment when homegrown Israeli talent makes it big on the international stage. Our very own Social Media Manager Zohar Friedman highlighted five applications that were “Made in Israel” which have become must-haves for smartphone and tablet users worldwide.
Though during the next couple of weeks stories related to the High Holy Days will fill the pages of th JPost, look out for more special travel features as well as exciting local restaurant options.
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