The woman in the mirror

Take this opportunity to acknowledge some of your best attributes.

The woman in the mirror (photo credit: courtesy)
The woman in the mirror
(photo credit: courtesy)
Hello ladies,
International Women’s Day always makes me wonder about us, about women. What does this day actually symbolize?
I bumped into an old friend on the street the other day, and it got me thinking about a number of very basic ideas:
Me: Hi, Sarit! How are you? You look amazing! Have you lost weight?
Sarit: You think so? I just ate an enormous amount of cheesecake over the week- end. I have no willpower when it comes to sweets.
Me: That blouse is really flattering on you.
Sarit: What – this old thing? (She pulls on it contemptuously) It’s just an old rag that I’ve had for years.
Me: So maybe it’s your hair.You’re just glowing.
Sarit: Ha! I haven’t washed it for four days.
Me: So, (sighing) how are the kids?
Why is it so hard for us to accept compliments? We stand in front of the mirror and tell ourselves how ugly we are. We have too many wrinkles, are overweight. We never give ourselves a break.
Critical thoughts rush through our heads: What have I accomplished? Look at this messy house! And the kids.... How easily we accept criticism.
We all deserve the title Superwoman. We are busy from the early morning until late at night, rushing to do errands, tending to the children, the house, the hus- band, work... our career. Most of the time we never stop and take a moment to rest. We constantly feel like we didn’t do enough.
So, my dear friends, the time has come to take a deep breath.
For me, International Woman’s Day is the day I celebrate women’s strength and accept myself for who I am. I’m perfect just the way I am. With all my defects, I am still perfect. And that is so wonderful and special. I can smile at myself in the mirror. And accept myself, even love myself.
1. List 20 positive attributes about yourself (this is not the time to be modest).
2. Next to each attribute, write “Thank you.”
3. Stand in front of the mirror and read the list out loud.
4. From now on, read this list every morning (even if you burst out laughing or feel foolish).
Two wonderful things will happen very quickly: You will feel wonderful, and you will see that as you internalize these attributes, you will become a magnet for positive experiences. And please keep me updated on how you are progressing.
To all of you amazing women out there, have a wonderful Women’s Day!
With love, Sharon
The writer is a mother of three; director of training at Estee Lauder Israel; coach and group facilitator; makeup color image expert; and regular participant on morning shows