Welfare councilor denies hunger in Kfar Saba

'No one is going hungry in Kfar Saba,' announced councilor Arieh Avraham.

A local newspaper report that hungry residents are rummaging through the garbage at Kfar Saba's Friday market for leftover fruit, vegetables and other food scraps has prompted a remarkable response from the councilor in charge of the city's welfare portfolio, reports www.local.co.il. No one is going hungry in Kfar Saba, announced councilor Arieh Avraham. Acting on reports from market stallholders, a local newspaper photographed people picking through the waste left behind at the city's market on Friday afternoons. The stallholders said they knew the scroungers were looking for the remains of fruit, vegetables and other foods, and so they made a point of leaving such items to one side so that the needy could take them without having to rummage through garbage bins. But Avraham denied that anyone was going hungry in the city. "There are no hungry people in Kfar Saba," Avraham said. He added that it was beyond his ability to know whether the people collecting food scraps were from Kfar Saba or whether they came from other cities.