Grapevine: Legal giant and Irgun hero

  • FORMER Supreme Court president Meir Shamgar, during the period of the British Mandate, was an ardent member of the Irgun under the command of Menachem Begin. In 1944, the British exiled him to various detention camps in Eritrea, Sudan and Kenya, a factor that for Shamgar and other exiles is also part of the current nostalgia kick. It is being brought up in his case because Shamgar will be one of the recipients of the Menachem Begin prize at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center on December 11. The citation will refer not only to his impressive legal career, but also to his background in the Irgun, and his internment by the British.
  • IT'S NOSTALGIA time on the airwaves as broadcasters come up with interviews and programs related to the founding and early years of the state. Case in point this week was the interview by The Israeli Connection's Elihu Ben-Onn with historian and former director of the Government Press Office Meron Medzini, whose writings have been published many times over the years in The Jerusalem Post. Medzini was being interviewed in relation to the 60th anniversary of the United Nations resolution on the partition of Palestine. He has good reason to remember the occasion, because it was his father Moshe Medzini, broadcasting for the Voice of Jerusalem - the precursor of Israel Radio - who reported from the UN on that fateful day. Medzini's mother, Regina, was a close friend of Golda Meir's from the time that they were in fifth grade in Milwaukee.
  • CHEZ GITA, the popular downtown restaurant started by Greta Ostrovitz, has been sold. The eatery is a must for people from Commonwealth countries because its menu includes scones and ribbon sandwiches, in addition to a huge variety of teas; there's no telling what's going to be on the new menu. Ostrovitz found running a restaurant too much of a strain, but will stay in the food business and is planning to open a catering service. Correction Last week, a photo of Yaron London was published without the accompanying item. Below is the original text:
  • "I'D DO anything for Reuth," said well-known television personality Yaron London at the organization's gala 70th anniversary celebrations at The Avenue in Airport City. "I'm here because of a very personal debt," London continued. "Three-and-a-half years ago my wife had a stroke and was hospitalized at Reuth Medical Center in Tel Aviv. As I came to visit every day for five months, I witnessed and experienced the very rare spirit of this place and its amazing staff. When my wife was sent home, I said to them: I'm yours till the day I die. You just have to ask, and I'll do it. Unfortunately, they don't ask me enough..." Over the years, thousands of people, some of them relatives of the 900 supporters of Reuth who attended the event, have benefited from the vision, strength and capability of one of Israel's most veteran and successful non-profit organizations, which in addition to its medical center maintains residential complexes with self contained apartments for senior citizens in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The impressive anniversary bash attracted well-known figures from many sectors of Israeli society, who demonstrated their commitment to Reuth not only through their attendance but by pledging their support for its continued activities: Financial and business leaders dined alongside artists and heads of foreign diplomatic missions, Knesset members and former ministers mingled with retired Israeli diplomats and senior IDF officers. The Israeli business community came to honor Bank Discount Chairman Shlomo Zohar, the new president of Friends of Reuth Medical Center. Happily taking on his new responsibility, Zohar launched the capital campaign for building the medical center's new campus, announcing that the gala raised close to NIS 2.5 million. Health Minister Ya'acov Ben-Yizri congratulated Reuth on behalf of the Israeli government, and Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, chief rabbi of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and chairman of Reuth's Jubilee Committee, told the audience about decades of commitment to Reuth. The evening's program included a performance by singer/entertainer Gidi Gov and his band, who generously agreed to support the evening's goals.