Birthday bash

Tel Aviv is gearing up for a mega birthday celebration as the White City prepares for its second century.

tel aviv 100 fireworks 248.88 ap (photo credit: AP [file])
tel aviv 100 fireworks 248.88 ap
(photo credit: AP [file])
The closing events for Tel Aviv's 100th birthday celebrations, set to take place in two months, will make up the most expensive party ever put on in the city, reports The final bash is expected to cost a massive NIS 5 million, NIS 1 million more than the opening event, which itself drew "not a little" criticism earlier this year. According to the report, the city has approved a municipal budget of NIS 2.5 million for the celebrations, with the Tourism Ministry expected to approve an additional injection of a further NIS 2.5 million. The report said that as part of the closing events, the city was paying NIS 900,000 for flowers to be imported from Belgium and laid as a "carpet of flowers" in Rabin Square. A municipal spokesman said the exact content and program for the closing events had not yet been agreed, and neither had the contribution of the Tourism Ministry. The spokesman said the laying of the flower carpet would be done by the public as well as municipal employees as part of the closing ceremony. The report said that after the birthday events end, the city plans to set up a special body to continue perpetuating Tel Aviv's legacy. The new body is expected to be headed by the director of the birthday celebrations committee, Hila Oren.