Kfar Saba residents angry over park abuses

Kfar Saba residents are outraged that visitors from outside the city are coming in large family groups to the new municipal park and acting as if the decorative fountains and canals are a private water park in which their children can play, reports www.local.co.il. According to the report, the residents claim that the family groups come to the park from the nearby Arab towns of Tira and Taibeh, and congregate there complete with full swimming gear. One resident who photographed such an incident for the local press said the family had treated the fountains "as if it was a private swimming pool." She said the children were dressed in swimming costumes and were equipped with water toys, and they played in the canals and fountains until their mothers called them to come out of the "pool." The report said the continued splashing and trampling was already damaging stretches of grass next to the fountains, and that in addition the families were careless about trampling on newly planted flowers, shrubs and irrigation equipment as they took shortcuts through the park. A municipal spokesman said that city inspectors had been instructed to increase their patrols through the park to prevent further occurrences of the phenomenon.