Glowing moments

As the New Year approaches, take time to savor the sweet moments of life and stock up on alcohol – and don’t forget to add some glitter to your winter days.

Bagir (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Time for some glam
L’oréal Paris has launched a new makeup collection for the glowing holiday season under the slogan No Makeup, Makeup, or “I woke up like this…” The collection includes highlighting drops, light foundation, peachy blush and matte bronzer. The collection comes in two shades – golden and peachy – and for a limited time will be on sale at reduced prices of NIS 49.90 to NIS 59.90 per item.
Glittering prizes
Italian fashion brand Mandarina Duck has launched a new and glittering collection in time for the New Year parties, introducing the iconic collection MD20 LUX in a new and celebratory edition. The new line of bags gets the glitter thanks to a unique weaving technology that weaves metal golden threads together with the other threads, giving a metallic effect to the finished product. The bags in the collection have adjustable straps, inside and outside pockets and zippers; all the bags are very lightweight and extremely durable. NIS 622 to NIS 800. The Mandarina Duck bags are available in Israel at Top Tik stores and online,
Innovative skin products
Kat Burki’s Restorative Dual Acid Peel is a dual purpose re-texturizing anti-aging treatment with instant soothing and restorative benefits. The formula includes 10% glycolic acid that reverses sun damage as well as 5% botanical hyaluronic acid, derived from the seeds of Cassia Angustifolia, which refines skin texture by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Also in the formula, rich cold-processed avocado oil that refreshes and nourishes new skin cells, leaving skin vibrant and radiant. Use in the evening on cleansed face, neck and décolleté area. Leave on for five to 20 minutes and then rinse with water. For all skin types.
Kat Burki is an American pioneering beauty brand that delivers cold-processed, nutrient-dense formulations that are recognized as much for what they do contain, as for what they don’t. NIS 585. Kat Burki products are available in Israel exclusively at KISU, 306 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv, or online at
Nice and soft
Good news for those of us who still shave our legs (and other parts of the body). Schick has launched a new razor with built-in Aloe Vera enriched soap. The Intuition Sensitive four-blade razor foams, nurtures and shaves in one stroke, making the whole process shorter and much nicer, avoiding skin irritation and leaving skin soft. NIS 24.90, available at Superpharm stores.
Magic drops
After celebrating the miracle of oil for eight days, I was reminded of a miracle oil produced by HL cosmetic labs. The Magic Drops Renew Formula is a serum produced from a unique mixture of oils. Rich in vitamins, the serum elevates the level of hydration in the skin, slows down aging processes and promotes a more velvety look. The formula includes Alpha Lipoic acid, avocado oil, obliphica oil, borage oil and vitamins A and E. Use one to two drops on clean skin before hydrating cream. NIS 269. Available only at licensed beauty experts. For more details go to
In a manly fashion
No time is better for dressing up than winter. Now one can take out the nice sweaters and jackets and add a few fashionable accessories. Local men’s fashion company Bagir does it best. Their collection ranges from casual to formal and includes classic and trendy shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, coats and suits, as well as shoes, belts and other accessories that perfectly fit our weather. This season, try the new line of bamboo shirts. Bamboo is known for consuming less water than other plants, and the material is soft and nice to the touch, needs less ironing, naturally evaporates sweat and feels almost like silk. Also look for new knitted items and quality coats. Prices range from NIS 35 for socks to NIS 2,490 for the top-line suits. Available in Bagir stores around the country.
Not for kids
Hot chocolate is one of the good things about cold weather. But the all-time favorite drink is only worth the calories if it is really good. Mediocre simply won’t do, and I am very pleased to inform you that the new Max Brenner Chocolatta powder is very close to perfect. Made from bitter chocolate powder, it makes a warm and totally grown-up comfort drink that will make the evenings sweeter and more romantic. Mix five heaping teaspoons with 90º milk in a cup and mix. For a richer drink, cook 30 seconds over low heat. NIS 39.
In a jam
Yes, we are past the doughnut-frying time of the year, but new and excellent confitures are good for other things as well, and the new collection of 778 fruit confitures are now even better than before. The flavor of the new line, made from a new recipe, aims to be as close as possible to homemade confitures. The line includes four new flavors – strawberry, apricot, plum and cherry – as well as one light version of strawberry. Made from four ingredients only, the confitures have no preservatives or food colorings and include at least 50% fruit.
Spread the news
Hellman’s is usually associated with mayonnaise, but recently the famous brand introduced a line of mustards – Dijon and Dijon with seeds – that are both very good and keep up with the brand’s good name. Enjoy!
Great single malts
Ballantine’s whisky, rated No. 1 in Europe, launched its single malt line in Israel last month, including the Ballantine’s Glenburgie 15 years and Ballantine’s Miltonduff 15 years. The new line, says the company experts, is an extension of the brand, which stands for heritage and innovation, offering smooth taste and rich aromas. The Glenburgie 15 has fruity flavors of orange and rich texture with hints of honey, red apples and pears, and a very long, round finish. The Miltonduff 15 has a more floral flavors with sweet hints of cinnamon, milk chocolate, clove and some licorice. The aroma is rich and fruity with touches of roasted almonds and a long, warm finish. Delicious. NIS 218.
New Look
Finlandia launches a new look to the worldwide popular vodka. In time for New Year parties, the new bottle represents the brand’s sustainability approach, appreciating the connection to nature. The company announced that the new design took three years to create – maintaining the brand’s appeal while keeping the idea of sustainability. The new bottle is easier to hold and pour and is also easier to transport – thus reducing the damage to the environment. The new bottle is being launched simultaneously in Israel, Russia and Poland, before being launched in the rest of the world. L’haim!
NIS 65 for 700 ml. and NIS 85 for 1 liter.
Jack is back
Jack Daniel’s American Whiskey launches a holiday package that includes the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Old No. 7 as well as a special glass, for the price of the bottle. Jack Daniel’s is made in the method which became the standard for Tennessee whiskey, using active coal made from maple trees that affords the drink its typical sweet flavor. Happy holidays.