Our shadows. Ourselves

‘Let them come out of the darkness’

Hope in Jerusalem (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Hope in Jerusalem
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
These photographs are a way of expressing myself while reaching out to others.
I remember meeting a beggar one day who told me that he was a Holocaust survivor.
I couldn’t understand how such a thing could happen, how someone who had suffered so much was forced to ask for money on the street.
This collection, entitled “Pour qu’ils ne soient plus des ombres” (Let them come out of the darkness), is a tribute to these people.
Focusing exclusively on natural light and playing with shadows, I wanted to remind people of those forced to remain in the darkness.
The photographs were taken around Israel, from the streets of Jerusalem to Arab villages in the West Bank and will hopefully be displayed around the world.
An exhibition is being tentatively scheduled to start in Montreal, Cananda in December. All the profits from the exhibition will go to Hai Bahem [www.haibahem.org], a non-profit association helping people in need in Israel.
Shadow of a prayer
Shadow of a prayer
Musical Mamilla
Musical Mamilla