STARCATCHER: Astrology for the week of July 23, 2010

Who should look for a new job, and is this a good week to start a new relationship?

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)

TIPFOR THE WEEK: Tensions begin to ease up and once again you find that you aremore in control of your life.



JULY23-August 22

HAPPYBIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!  For too long your life has been divided between yourobligations to your family and your commitments at work. You need a littlemental break and this is the week for daydreaming, building castles in the airand thinking about what your next project is going to be. Money keeps slippingthrough your fingers but there is nothing that can be done. There is alegitimate reason for writing those checks and for pulling out your visa card.HINT: Problems with a sibling are beginning to ease up and you can start torelax.




Newfriends are always interesting and exciting but you continue to think arelationship that has ended. Learn from your mistakes, and move on. It isdoubtful that you can patch things up this time. You are always cautious wheremoney is concerned and this week is a good time for discussing your financeswith the experts. Once you feel safe again, you can dip your hand into yourpocket and begin buying gifts for yourself and those you care about. HINT: Thisweekend is a perfect time for inviting some close friends over for dinner.




Forthe first time in months, you begin to feel that professionally things arefinally moving in the right direction. For far too many months you have been inlimbo waiting for a breeze to fill your sails. In the interim you have a muchbetter picture of your situation and know who your friends are and who you canrely upon. HINT: When speaking to a fire sign, speak openly and honestly. Youwill be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you will get.




Don’tbe too hard on yourself. Lately, you have been contemplating all your mistakesand thinking of all the things that you should have done. It is simple to knowthe answers now, but then you were doing the best you could. Everyone knowsthat. It is time you cut your losses and move on.  A lot is going onaround you behind the scenes and for the time being you will be best served bywalking away and not getting involved in all the office gossip. HINT: Themiddle portion of this week is perfect for staying home and catching up on somepaper work.




Thetime has come for you to take a step back in order to ask yourself what it isyou really want and what is necessary for you to accomplish your goals. No onecan supply the answers. The good news is that you already have them and in aquiet moment will know exactly what to do.  You find it difficult thesedays to take orders and would rather be your own boss. Don’t act in haste. Takea deep breath and calculate the pros and cons before making a move. HINT: Youmay have to postpone working on a creative project for a few weeks.





Youhave a lot of energy and are ready to spread your wings. Take some time off inorder to travel and see new places. Bold moves, new people and interestingprofessional contacts make the coming weeks exciting. Financially you are ontop of things and now have the money you need in order to pamper yourself abit.  Soon your thoughts will turn to establishing a solid foundation forthe coming year. You have earned the respect of both family and colleagues.HINT: Monday and Tuesday pay attention to where you leave your wallet at keys. 




Thisis a good week for taking a hard look at yourself and all you have accomplishedso far. If you are honest you will be amazed at just how far you have gone andhow many of your goals you have already achieved. Take a step back and enjoy ajob well done. During the latter portion of this week you will be especiallybusy, so plan accordingly and budget your time. HINT: Changes in your home orliving arrangements will bring positive results and may fill in the emptypuzzle piece that you have been searching for for so long.




Thereis a limit to how much you can push yourself and the time has come for you totake a break and begin taking better care of yourself. You have so much tooffer and have gotten lost under the pile of work that you have been carryingaround for so long. There are many people around you who are willing to helpand offer a shoulder to lean on. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. HINT: Yourrelationship with your partner and/or mate is sometimes rocky, but you know youcan always depend on them.




Yourclose, personal relationships need to be considered and this is the week forreaching out and doing something outstanding for someone you really care about.Professionally, you seem to be procrastinating and soon you will have to makeyour move. Your good name is always important to you and you have worked hardto establish a good working relationship with the people you come into contactwith daily. HINT: Be patient with an earth sign. This person thinks they arebeing open and honest, but the truth is they are limited by their ownperspective.




Youmight feel a certain amount of pressure concerning your work and work relatedsubjects. There is enough time to get things done, but you will have to beextremely organized and be prepared to answer some complicated questions. On apersonal note your relationship with an air sign will be much more amiable ifyou are less critical and more flexible. Monday and Tuesday are good days forsetting up important meetings. HINT: A conversation with a family member may bea little more complicated than you anticipated, so be patient and stay calm.




Youmay feel that your creative juices have dried up or that you have troubleconcentrating for long periods of time.  What you need is to take a littletime off, go to the sea and forget about all the work piled up on your desk.You love starting projects but find it difficult mustering the energy to see themthrough to the end. Now is the time for calling in some help. HINT: Aconversation with a sibling will be a lot more pleasant if you remember tolisten carefully and forget about being ‘right’ this time




Thereis no one more important to you than your immediate family and very closefriends. You are a wonderful friend and are always willing to put your ownneeds on hold in order to reach out and help someone you care about. This weekis no different. But, you are going to have to pay closer attention to yourfinances if you don’t want to end up in the red. Soon you will have theemotional quiet space you need in order to create and work on a special projectthat means a great deal to you personally.

HINT:Your home is where you come to rest and recharge your batteries and this is agood week for doing just that.