The 2014 Culture and Community performance series opens on January 30 with a concert by celebrated kamanche player Mark Elyahu and his Cholot ensemble.

Peretz and Mark Elyahu (photo credit: Courtesy)
Peretz and Mark Elyahu
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Ireland comes to Latrun

Next Saturday, the Armored Corps Museum at Latrun will echo to the infectiously merry sounds of the Emerald Isle, as part of the “Magic of Ireland” event there.

The January 25 program kicks off at 10:30 a.m. with a guided tour of the museum before the Brios Band takes the stage. Brios, led by composer and multiinstrumentalist Alex Reznikovich, performs a high-energy fusion of Irish music with folk music from other places and cultures around the world, including Balkan and Mediterranean music. The group’s repertoire also features original compositions by Reznikovich, which feed off rock, pop, jazz and classical music sentiments.
Reznikovich’s cohorts include Natalie Furman on violin, Tanya Shapira on various wind instruments, bassist Sergei Raskin, and drummer and percussionist Igor Mai.
Accompanying the music will be visual entertainment courtesy of Yair Verdiger and his Trikotera Dance Company.
For tickets and more information: (02) 535-6954.
Fuzztones frontman returns

Rudi Protrudi, soloist of The Fuzztones garage rock band, will be back in this part of the world next Friday when he performs at the Ozen Bar in Tel Aviv.

The 61-year-old Protrudi began his musical career at the age of 14 with the King Arthur’s Quart band.
He played with all kinds of acts in his native Washington, DC, for several years before graduating to the Cleveland, Ohio-based punk rock band Dead Boys in 1976.
That was followed by the Tina Peel bubblegum-punk duo before the guitarist-vocalist founded The Fuzztones in New York together with organist Deb O’Nair, guitarist Elan Portnoy, bass player Michael Jay and drummer Michael Phillips.
Today the quintet includes organist-vocalist Lana Loveland, lead and rhythm guitarist Lenny Svilar, Fez Wrecker on bass and Rob Louwers on drums.
Preceding and following Protrudi’s 10 p.m. slot will be a DJ set by Uri Kinarot.
For tickets and more information:
Coasting the music

The upcoming installment of the 2014 Kfar Blum musical weekend series will take patrons across broad musical and genre terrain, and through four decades of American popular vibes.

The “Coast to Coast” weekend, which will take place at the Pastoral Hotel on the northern kibbutz between January 23 and 25, kicks off with the Doo Wop Girls – a vocal threesome consisting of Ella Tadmor, Naama Nachum and Anna Spitz – who will send their audience back to the gay sounds of the 1940s with new renditions of doo-wop hits. Omer Riji will be backing the singers on piano, with Erez Sharmer on double bass and Roi Uliel on drums.
The musical proceedings then move on to the “Juke Box – Love Story” show, which includes smash hits from the ’60s and ’70s originally recorded and performed by the likes of Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Tom Jones, Eric Clapton and Santana.
Fans of The King will no doubt revel in the “Elvis Lives” program of Presley hits, while Oren Nahari will add a somewhat intellectual slant to the weekend when he delivers a lecture about slain US president John F. Kennedy and what might have been had he lived.
“Coast to Coast” weekend participants will also have the chance to get out and about, with a trip to nearby Kfar Giladi and the surrounding area.
For tickets and more information: (04) 683-6611 or
Mark Elyahu banks on Culture and Community

The 2014 First International Bank of Israel (FIBI)’s 2014 Culture and Community performance series opens on January 30 with a concert by celebrated kamanche player Mark Elyahu and his Cholot ensemble.

The free show – which will take place in the FIBI auditorium at 42 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, at 8 p.m. – goes by the name of “Back to the Source.” Joining Elyahu will be his father, internationally acclaimed tar player Piris Elyahu.
The concert marks the start of an ethnic music-based series and will feature material from Central Asia and the Mediterranean with Western flavoring. The repertoire also takes in liturgical works, as well as Mark Elyahu’s sound track for Benny Torati’s 2012 movie Ballad for a Weeping Spring.
Accompanying the father and son will be Alon Amano Campino on guitar, oud and vocals, Erez Monk on percussion and Rani Lorentz on bass.
To register for the show, call (03) 513-0001.