Showtime: A fine wine harvest

The Herzberg Vineyard at Moshav Sitriya near Rehovot launches its 2010 harvest wines today at a free event.

Worker at wine cellars 521 (photo credit: File photo: Esteban Alterman/Bloomberg)
Worker at wine cellars 521
(photo credit: File photo: Esteban Alterman/Bloomberg)
Bukhara comes to Ramat Aviv
Beit Hatfutsot – The Museum of the Jewish People, on the campus of Tel Aviv University, will open a new exhibition devoted to Bukharan Jewry on January 4. The show is called “Threads of Silk,” and chronicles the annals of the Jewish community of Bukhara, which found part of its living through its location on the ancient Silk Road to the Far East.
The exhibition looks into the roots of the community and the various theories of its origins, ranging from the Lost Tribes of Israel to an offshoot of the Persian Jewish community. As the title suggest, “Threads of Silk” features items of traditional clothing and other articles, including embroidery work, made with silk. Other exhibits include jewelry, old and contemporary photographs and historical documents and documentary footage of various customs and rituals characteristic of the community.
Bukharan Jewry hails from a wide area in Central Asia that takes in modern day Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, and the exhibition includes items from the community through to the present day.
“Threads of Silk” is curated by Orit Engelberg and Merav Balas and was initiated by Beit Hatfutsot and MK Amnon Cohen, whose family immigrated from Bukhara. “Threads of Silk” closes on June 30.
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Twenty years in Paradise
Rock singer Baruch Friedlander will revisit one of his biggest hits next Friday (9 p.m.) when he joins forces with the Tofa’at Doppler (Doppler Effect) band of pianist Tami Caspi Eshel, guitarist Ronen Zal, bass player Yirmi Pozner and drummer Yirmi Kaplan at a concert at the Beit Hayotzer venue at the Tel Aviv Port’s Hangar 22.
The number in question is “Lipol al Gan Eden” (Falling on Paradise), which was released on Friedlander’s record of the same name in 1993. The theme of the song is suicide and, at the time, caused more than a few ripples in the media.
The show also features guest artist composer-arranger-guitarist Ilan Vertzberg, with whom Friedlander first worked 25 years ago on their joint album, Tza’ad Ehad Lifnei Hanahar (One Step Before the River).
For tickets and more information: (03) 535-5118 Photos by the Kinneret
A photographic exhibition of works by David Monsonego opens today at the Beit Gabriel art gallery at the southern tip of the Kinneret.
Monsonego has specialized in wildlife and nature photography over the last three decades, and the “Photographer without Borders” show features works he has taken in various places around the world, including Africa, the Far East and Central America. The collection includes close-ups of flora and fauna as well as brightly colored, expansive landscape prints.“Photographer without Borders” will close on January 19. For more information: (04) 675-1187 or orders
The Herzberg Vineyard at Moshav Sitriya near Rehovot launches its 2010 harvest wines today at a free event. Visitors will be able to take part in a guided tour of the vineyard and winery and to learn something about the history of the region, wine grape cultivation and the winemaking process. There will also be plenty of wine to taste, as well as sales of cheeses, olive oil and wine.
The Herzberg 2010 batch of wine incorporates flavors based on various berries, particularly blueberries. Today’s lunch will see the unveiling of the winery’s new Asado Blend, based on a mix of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
The Herzberg Vineyard is owned by the Herzberg family, which immigrated to Israel from France in 1968. The wines are produced at the winery using traditional methods that hail from the vineyards of Bordeaux and St. Emilion in southwest France. It is a family-run business with auxiliary help provided by local youth and students.
The grapes are organically grown and the wines bear the OU kashrut license.
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