3,000 students recruited at Technion job fair

Technion dean of students says number of companies participating in the twice-yearly employment fair growing.

Technion University (photo credit: Courtesy)
Technion University
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A recent job fair at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology led to the recruitment of some 3,000 students by 38 leading companies. The students hailed from all study tracks at the Technion.
Technion dean of students Prof. Michal Green said there has been clear growth in the number of companies participating in the twice-yearly employment fair, which she said “indicates significant improvement in the situation of Israel’s advanced manufacturing and the importance these companies place on Technion students and graduates.”
Among the companies participating in the most recent job fair were Bloomberg, City, YES, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Israel Electric Company. Hi-tech startups were also highly represented. Many companies were seeking graduates but a great number have also shown interest in employing students prior to their graduation.
Ministry doubles budget for Galilee asbestos removal
Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan ordered his ministry to double the budget for an asbestos removal project in the Galilee this week. During a tour to gauge the progress of the asbestos removal, Erdan said, “Every day we are moving the project forward to save lives,” explaining his decision to double its budget.
By doubling the project’s yearly budget from NIS 20 million to NIS 40m., the expected completion date was moved up to as early as 2014.
The project began last April to locate, remove and dispose of asbestos, some 150,000 cubic meters of which was spread throughout the Western Galilee in cement manufactured by the Itanu factory in northern Nahariya. When the cement used in roads and footpaths begins to crumble, some of the asbestos is released into the environment.
The total cost of the project is estimated at NIS 300 m. over five years, half of which is being funded by Itanu. Thus far, some 36 sites, accounting for 14,000 cubic meters of the toxic material, have been cleaned up.
School bus driver found with forged license
On Highway 65 this week, police arrested the driver of a bus for disabled children on suspicion of driving with a fake license. The story began when motorcycle officers pulled over the driver early this week in a routine traffic stop on his way to pick up the children he transports daily.
Officers quickly discovered that the license the driver presented them with was a forgery. A subsequent search of the driver revealed an additional forged license.
Following a short preliminary investigation, the officers discovered that the man had no valid license at all and arrested him. He was brought for investigation to the police station in Afula.
Nahariya nurses walk out to protest overcrowding
Nurses at Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya walked out of the five internal medicine wards late last week in protest at overcrowding. The emergency room was also overcrowded, however, the nurses continued to work there. The previous day, nurses at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer walked out of internal medicine departments for the same reason. According to the nurses, the number of patients admitted to the department surpassed agreed-upon levels.
Shots fired at Jatt Regional Council chairman’s home
Gunmen fired a number of shots at the Yanuh- Jat Local Council chairman’s home early Tuesday morning without causing damage or injuries. Police were investigating the incident.
Huldai laments slow progress of TA light rail project In a new public engagement initiative, Tel Aviv- Jaffa Mayor Ron Huldai answered questions from the public this week about their concerns regarding the slow pace of the city’s light rail project. The specific question posed to the city’s mayor was “Why is there still no light rail in Tel Aviv?”
In his reply posted on YouTube, Huldai said he too is asking why the light rail has not made its way to Tel Aviv. The mayor laid blame for the delays on the government. The state, he said, “is responsible for public transportation, investment in it and the development of its infrastructure.” Too little money is being invested in public transportation, he charged.
But the mayor said he is nonetheless optimistic about the prospect of a light rail in his city. “The government nationalized the rail project and now the Transportation Ministry has begun digging tunnels for the underground portion of the light rail.” According to the plans, by 2017 or 2018 the first line – from Petah Tikva to Bat Yam – will be in service, he said.
The public can post questions on Huldai’s Facebook page or e-mail him at Ask.huldai@gmail.com.
Tel Aviv beaches closed due to sewage work
As the Dan Sewage Association began work replacing new sewage pipes in various locations around Tel Aviv, the Environmental Protection Ministry and the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality decided to close a number of the city’s beaches. As part of the work being done, sewage will be flowing directly into the sea for a number of days.
Affected beaches include North Tzuk Beach, the segregated beach at Nordau, Jerusalem Beach, Aviv Beach and Frishman Beach, which will be closed for swimming until further notice. Approval from the Interior Ministry and Health Ministry will be required before the beaches are allowed to reopen.
To prevent swimmers from entering the water, authorities placed signs along the coast, inspectors were deployed to warn beach-goers and public address systems are being utilized to warn residents and tourists.
Rishon Lezion announces expansion of new park
The Rishon Lezion Municipality this week announced plans to expand a still-new beachside playground by an additional 0.8 hectares (approximately two acres). The park, which was opened only three months ago after an initial investment of NIS 4 million, already offers 15 playground facilities, a large grassy plaza and sea views.
With an additional investment of NIS 8m. from Mifal Hapayis, eight basketball courts, a soccer field for young children, wooden games and a bicycle path will be added to the park.
Rishon Lezion Mayor Dov Tzor said of the expansion, “The new park will focus on quality leisure for residents.” The city, he added, “continues to build, renovate and add the highestquality facilities for its residents.”
Rail commuters are left without trains in the Center
Railway commuters in the center of the country were forced to find alternative transportation on Monday after a strike shut down lines between Rishon Lezion and Tel Aviv as well as between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Israel Railways announced that it would provide bus service between train stations while it sought a court injunction against the strike.
Eilat-area cleanup removes 16 cubic meters of waste
A cleanup project in recent weeks resulted in some 16 cubic meters of solid waste from the Wadi Grof ravine near Eilat. Seventeen volunteers from the Civil Guard, members of the Eilat Municipal Environmental Protection Unit, the Marine Pollution Prevention Unit and members of the Eilat Community Policing Unit participated in the project.
Among the waste collected during the project, which took place over several days, were wooden planks, cardboard, plastic bags, styrofoam, plastic containers and tires, all discarded in the ravine.
Minister calls for Dimona rocket protection
The southern city of Dimona needs to have an Iron Dome rocket-defense system permanently deployed to protect it from the threat of rockets from the Gaza Strip, Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilna’i said last week in a visit to the city. “The enemy can’t reach Dimona, but rockets can hit sensitive targets in the area,” he explained to local students.
13-year-old Dimona boys nabbed for computer theft A 13-year-old boy from Dimona was arrested this week when police investigating a home burglary discovered the boy playing games on a laptop computer that had been reported stolen. Earlier in the week, police had received a complaint of a break-in during which two laptop computers, as well as other valuables, were taken.
Suspecting the 13-year-old, officers arrived at his home to question the boy’s parents about their son. When they entered the home, however, they noticed the boy playing a game on the stolen computer. The boy was detained and admitted to breaking into an apartment with a friend and stealing the electronics. The second boy was arrested and also confessed.
Both boys were eventually released under restrictive conditions and the stolen property was returned to its rightful owner, the Local website reported.