City Notes: Marriage proposal ends in hospital after woman shot by errant bullet

"When we arrived we saw her lying, fully conscious, with a gunshot wound to her upper body, and several of her friends were around her," MDA emergency paramedics told Channel 2.

A father of four won NIS 28 million for choosing the winning lottery numbers at a Mifal Hayis booth in the Sharon area. (photo credit: REUTERS)
A father of four won NIS 28 million for choosing the winning lottery numbers at a Mifal Hayis booth in the Sharon area.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A romantic Valentine’s Day marriage proposal at a guest house near Karmiel didn’t end quite as planned, after newly engaged Mor Gelfand was shot in the chest by an errant bullet last weekend.
Police attributed the stray bullet to hunters, and a team of Magen David Adom paramedics evacuated Gelfand to Ziv Medical Center in Safed.
Gelfand told Channel 2 that she had stepped out of the guest house to take a picture, when she suddenly heard gunshots. She said her friend called out to her to hide, so she lay down on the floor, when she felt a bullet in her chest.
“When we arrived we saw her lying, fully conscious, with a gunshot wound to her upper body, and several of her friends were around her,” MDA emergency paramedics told Channel 2. “She was distraught and in pain; we gave her medical treatment on the scene and then evacuated her. She communicated with us on the way to the hospital and told us that she had come for a vacation from central Israel.”
Car burned in Migdal Ha’emek; arson suspected
A car belonging to a 50-year-old resident was burned overnight in Migdal Ha’emek, police said Sunday.
Police suspected arson, and said the incident was likely part of a rivalry between families. An 18-year-old resident of the town was arrested in connection with the fire.
Car crashes into taxi, wall and tree in Bnei Brak
A car crashed into a taxi carrying passengers on Harav Shach Street in Bnei Brak last weekend, before hitting a tree and the wall of a building. United Hatzalah medics from the Bnei Brak branch arrived at the scene and treated several lightly injured people, before evacuating them by ambulance to the hospital.
United Hatzalah medic Zeevi Teper said the driver lost control of the vehicle. “There is no doubt that this was a miracle; the incident could have ended much more seriously.”
TV cable company worker arrested for NIS 24m. fraud
A senior employee of the cable provider YES was arrested last weekend for embezzling NIS 24m. from the company.
YES lodged a complaint with the police about the worker. The female suspect is employed in the accounting division, and was set to be brought before the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court at the beginning of the week for a bail hearing.
Tel Aviv celebrates chocolate festival, but visitors disappointed
Tel Aviv’s Tahana compound hosted a Chocolate Festival last weekend in honor of Chocolate Week. Various chocolatiers participated in the festival, selling sweet goodies to festivalgoers, as well as running chocolate-related activities. Several people expressed disappointment with the event, writing complaints on the Facebook page that there were too many people, the organizers weren’t prepared for the number of visitors, and every activity cost money in addition to the entrance fee.
Police arrest 20 suspects over sand theft near Yavne
Police arrested 20 people on Monday morning on suspicion of illegal mining and theft of sand near Yavne. The suspects allegedly stole hundreds of truckloads of sand.
Sharon resident hits jackpot twice in national lotto
A 60-year-old resident of the Sharon got doubly lucky this week, when he discovered that he had filled out two winning lottery tickets, raking in a total sum of NIS 28 million.
Last weekend, he filled out two lotto tickets with the same numbers he had been inking on the tickets on a weekly basis for years – numbers correlating to the birthdays of his children. This time he decided to buy two tickets instead of one, meaning he had to “share the prize” with himself.
The father of four immediately recognized his numbers marked on the screen at the Mifal Hapayis stand. “I recognized my usual numbers right away, and I understood that I had won the big prize,” he said. “I didn’t know at this stage that I was the only winner, and that I would be sharing the prize with myself.”
Mifal Hapayis brand manager Shai Liraz explained: “At the end of the lottery last night we knew that there were two winners, but we didn’t yet realize that it was actually one person who had filled out two different tickets with exactly the same numbers. If it were two people, they would have each received NIS 14 million. Under these circumstances, the winner chose to fill out two forms with the same numbers, so he shares the prize with himself only.”
Police nab two in raid of gambling warehouse
Officers from the Kiryat Gat police station on Sunday raided a warehouse in Moshav Otzem, on suspicion that a gambling center was being operated in the site. Israel Police reported that during the raid they found some 50 players and seized equipment that they suspected was used for gambling, as well as a lot of money.
Police arrested two suspects, aged 29 and 31, who they believed were running the joint.
Suspects slash tires over a cigarette
Ofakim patrol officers last week arrested two city residents in their 40s, after receiving a report from a man who said his car tires had been slashed by unknown perpetrators. According to the Local website, during questioning the pair initially denied any involvement in the incident. Eventually, however, they confessed they had requested a cigarette from the car’s driver, and after he refused to give them one, they slashed three of his tires.
The two were released after the investigation, and police said they would file charges against them.
Car accident results in street brawl
Beersheba police received reports last weekend of a car accident that had escalated to a street brawl in a city neighborhood.
According to the Local website, when police arrived, they witnessed a man running and brandishing a knife is his hand. When he spotted the police, he threw away the knife and began to flee. After a short chase, the police arrested the suspect and took him in for questioning at the Beersheba police station.
An investigation found that prior to the incident, there had been an accident between two cars, and an argument had broken out between the drivers over who was to blame. The argument could have taken a violent turn after one of the drivers ran into his house to get a kitchen knife, with which he allegedly intended to stab the other man – but police arrived on the scene in time to prevent this.