City notes: Selfless police of Safed

Safed Mayor awarded police officers in Safed special certificate of appreciation for helping a distressed immigrant woman give birth.

Art sale (photo credit: Courtesy)
Art sale
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Safed Mayor Ilan Shohat awarded two police officers in Safed with a special certificate of appreciation for their resourcefulness and professionalism in helping a distressed immigrant woman giving birth at an absorption center in the city last month, the Local website reported. Shohat presented the award at the end of a city council meeting last week.
He said, “We support police who take responsibility even when it is not their [defined] role, but nonetheless saved lives and that is important,” the website reported.
Last month, as reported by Metro, two recent immigrants living in an absorption center in Safed were lucky enough to flag down the right police officers when the woman went into labor. The husband, who does not speak any Hebrew, went to the streets to seek help when his wife went into labor, according to the report. He flagged down two police officers, pointed to his stomach and said the word “woman” in Hebrew.
The two officers found the woman deep into labor. One of the officers, Maor Avital, is married to a nurse in the maternity ward at Ziv Medical Center in the city, whom he called for instructions on how to deliver the baby.
Although the police officers called for an ambulance, by the time it arrived, all that was left to do was cut the newborn’s umbilical cord, according to the report. The paramedics evacuated the woman to Ziv Medical Center, where the officer’s wife was treating her.
Poriya maternity ward to get investment for new delivery rooms
The Poriya Hospital near Tiberias was informed last week that it will be budgeted NIS 1 million for the acquisition of new advanced equipment for its postnatal care unit and delivery rooms, the Local website reported.
MK Zion Pinyan (Likud), a Tiberias resident, informed the hospital director that the funds would be allocated in order to help advance and maintain the quality of care offered at the hospital.
Prof. Ya’acov Farbstein, director of the medical center, noted that the funds would be used to equip new delivery rooms in the postnatal care unit. “We are investing heavily in the new wing with the belief that we can offer professional and quality service at the highest levels. Today we have no problem matching the standardS OF hospitals in the center of the country,” he said.
TA art galleries hold ‘garage sale’
Dozens of art galleries in Tel Aviv joined forces to launch an artistic garage sale of sorts last week. The Engel, Zimak, Hezi Cohen, Zisman, Basel, Traibs, Biderman, Abaret, Batza, Mida, Dan Contefreri, Susanna and Dor Fine Art Galleries and others are all participating in the city-wide event, in which they are selling stored pieces of art from a number by leading Israeli artists.
The artists whose works are being sold in the sale include sculptors Gutman Levanon, Reuben Rubin, Yohanan Simon, Yigal Turmarkin, Menashe Kadishman, Shmuel Beck, Meir Pichhadze, Ruth Schloss, Naftali Bezem, Ori Reisman, Uri Lifshitz, Ivan Shvol and Yusal Avigdor. Other contemporary artists participating include Ofer Lellouche, Dim Yoz, Misha Rappaport, Eran Shakin, Shai Kon, Nir Hod, Yigal Ozeri, Leo Ray, Pinhas Cohen-Gan, David Riv and Leonid Belkalev.
The sale will be held every day until the end of December from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Dor Fine Art gallery at 3 Zichron Ya’acov Street in Tel Aviv.
Former firefighter arrested for currency fraud
Police arrested a former firefighter from Kfar Saba on Tuesday after he was suspected of fraudulently taking thousands of dollars from citizens at the “Change” currency exchange shop in Netanya. According to police, the suspect dressed as a policeman, took citizens’ money to check if it was fake and then disappeared with the haul.Holon student wins European design prize
A design student at the Holon Academic Institute of Technology won first prize in an Italian competition for “age-friendly products,” the institute announced this week.
Einav Hamami won the competition with her shoe product design, aimed to aid the elderly and handicapped in putting on and taking off their shoes. He designed the product as part of a social and environmental design course taught by Prof. Gad Cherny.
Hamami won in the student category of the Domus competition.
The “SHOES” product consists of a tool with three interchangeable heads to assist in the putting on and taking off of a variety of shoe types, including Velcro, zipper and slip-on shoes. In addition to being compact, it was instrumental to Hamami that the product be aesthetic so as not to be embarrassing to carry around.
“My goal for the product was to design a tool that helps put on shoes and allows the putting on of a wide range of shoes,” Hamami said. “The product is light-weight, compact and comfortable to carry and use even out of the home.” The product fits into any bag, he added, saying “it was important to me that its appearance looks like any other product or accessory.”
The prize will be awarded in mid January in Italy and comes with a 3,000 euro cash award.
Two die, four injured in weekend car accidents
Two people died and four were injured in two car accidents on Friday night. A 34-year-old motorcyclist died and two were injured in an accident at the Sayarim Interchange on Highway 4 near Holon. One was critically injured and the other was lightly injured. A 30- year-old man died and two were moderately and lightly wounded in an accident on route 5066 that connects the settlements of Yakir and Emanuel in the West Bank.
TA opens winter shelter for asylum-seekers
The Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality, in cooperation with the Leshavua NGO, opened a shelter for asylum-seekers in Levinsky Park in the south of the city this week for migrants living in the park, the Local website reported. The shelter is intended to provide warm beds for needy asylum-seekers during cold winter nights and will be open only during nighttime hours.
In its first stage, the shelter will provide 50 beds, but will add another 50 if there is demand for them, according to the report. In addition, the municipality and the NGO will provide warm blankets, soup, hot drinks, a light breakfast and bathroom facilities.
Two arrested in connection to TA bank robbery
Police arrested two residents of Holon early last week on suspicion of stealing thousands of shekels from a Bank Leumi branch on Mount Zion Boulevard in Tel Aviv earlier in the week.
Police brought the suspects to a Tel Aviv court to have their remand extended.
Ashkelon rolls out ‘floor games’ to fight violence
As part of its “City without Violence” program, the Ashkelon Municipality rolled out a new initiative this week using games to help fight violence among local youth. In addition to the actual games that are being introduced, the program includes training pupils, working with pupils to teach them how to deal with violence, forming groups of parents in schools to fight the phenomenon and bolstering security measures at schools and in other areas for children, the Local website reported.
The floor-based games and mobile gaming platform are designed to engage pupils and create positive down-time activities to help discourage violence and vandalism. The games are available to pupils at all times of the day and are especially being offered during break times. The games are being installed at most elementary and high schools in the city, according to the report.
Neveh Ilan principal Ariella Elvaz said of the new program, “These games are a positive activity for the pupils, to provide positive activities to pupils during recess hours, combining physical activity with effective interpersonal communication.”
Ashkelon stabbing leaves 18-year-old in serious condition
An 18-year-old man was seriously wounded when he was stabbed in Ashkelon on Friday night. The man was evacuated to Barzilai Medical Center, where he remained in critical condition. Following a preliminary investigation, police released no immediate details regarding the motive for the attack.
Falling crane kills construction worker in Ashdod
A 50-year-old man was killed last week when a crane fell on him while he was working at a construction site in Ashdod. Police opened an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.
Shfela teacher arrested for sexual relations with student
Police arrested a teacher in the Shfela region on suspicion that he engaged in sexual relations with his 15-year-old student early this week.
The teacher admitted to the charges and claimed that the relations were consensual. He was released to a five-day house arrest during the investigation and prohibited from going near the school.