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Hip-hop act Hadag Nahash to team with Tizmoret Hamahapecha as part of children’s section of Israel Festival.

Showtime (photo credit: Nili Maiman)
(photo credit: Nili Maiman)
Rock meets rap meets hip-hop meets orchestra
Hip-hop act Hadag Nahash will team up with Tizmoret Hamahapecha (the revolution orchestra) as part of the children’s section of this year’s Israel Festival program at the Mediatheque Center in Holon.
The concert will take place at 9 p.m. on Sunday and will feature the formerly Jerusalem-based group with an ensemble that has gained a reputation for surprising its audiences with its choice of repertoire. The orchestra, under conductor Roi Oppenheim, performs classical music in addition to more contemporary material, such as electronic music, and often incorporates works from other areas of the arts.
Sunday’s program will feature numbers made famous by Hadag Nahash, but with new arrangements,
For more information about the Hadag Nahash and Tizmoret Hamahapecha concert: (03) 502- 1555 or
Functional Czech shots
The Bauhaus Center in Tel Aviv is hosting an exhibition that offers the public an opportunity to learn about some of the more contemporary architectural gems in the Czech Republic. Visitors to Prague are immediately taken by the grandeur of the city’s Baroque edifices, but there are plenty of buildings that offer classic examples of the aesthetics of the functional style of architecture that was all the rage between the two world wars.
The Tel Aviv show, which goes by the name of “Functionalism in Prague: Traditions and Contemporary Resonance,” runs until June 15 and demonstrates how architectural vibes in the city from 70 or 80 years ago impact on building styles in the republic – particularly in Prague – over the last two decades, since the fall of Communism.
The exhibition includes photographs of such exemplars of modern Czech architectural thinking as the Villa Müller in Prague, built by Czech architect Adolf Loos, the Mánes Exhibition Hall designed by Otakar Novotny, one of only two buildings in Prague expressly designed to house art and which is considered an icon of functionalist architecture, and St. Wenceslas Church built by Josef Gocar in 1929-1930.
For more information about the exhibition: (03) 522-0249 and
Breaking out by design
On Wednesday, Hatahana in Tel Aviv will host a sale of dresses all designed by former prostitutes.
The event is taking place under the auspices of the “Changing the Creators” social venture, which aims to empower women, personally and financially, who have broken out of the cycle of prostitution.
The former prostitutes’ dressmaking talents were nurtured by a course run by the 6B Design Studio School, which has branches in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem, the Gertrud fashion house and the Tel Aviv Municipality’s Saleet facility, which provides prostitutes with financial and emotional assistance.
The fund-raiser, which starts at 7:30 p.m., will feature a fashion show with seven celebrities – including MK Zehava Gal-On and model Ortal Ben-Dayan – modeling the fashion students’ creations.
The evening will close with a performance by singer-songwriter Daniella Spector.
For more information: 054-494- 9832 or
No overload
As an experienced architect, Ami Shinar has a vested aesthetic interest in all kinds of structures, particularly urban shapes and forms.
This will come through loud and clear in his new exhibition, “Maximum Permitted Load,” which opens at the Zearchitecture Gallery in Hangar 21 at Tel Aviv Port on May 31.
The show comprises Shinar paintings of deconstructed and reconstructed urban landscapes, including abandoned industrial buildings, grain elevators and building cranes. The works are all presented in an unusually long and narrow space, designed to convey the idea of only portraying a part of the thematic scene and based on the middle stylistic ground somewhere between figurative and abstract art. Some of the paintings, such as the pictures of cranes at Haifa Port, imbue the man-made structures with humanlike properties.
“Maximum Permitted Load” will run until June 16.
For more information: (03) 544- 4261 or