"Later this month local filmgoers will be able to enjoy a rare a quality blast from the past."

Lev Smadar movie house in Jerusalem 521 (photo credit: Liat Collins)
Lev Smadar movie house in Jerusalem 521
(photo credit: Liat Collins)
Another Look from Europe
Later this month local filmgoers will be able to enjoy a rare a quality blast from the past. From January 15 the cinematheques of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa will screen restored seminal movie material from 13 European countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Romania and Denmark, as part of the Another Look project.
Local Another Look artistic director Danny Hituyin based the program on two themes: spot underbelly and fiction. The first category features movies that address situations of high tension and offer the viewers different ways of coping with the challenges of life. The second group includes film that relate to coping with reality through comedy, horror and fantasy and colored with an escapist approach.
The classic film lineup includes Roberto Rossellini’s neo-realistic Rome, Open City from 1945, which is set in the Nazi-occupied Italian capital in 1944, Danish filmmaker Henning Carlsen’s 1966 blackand- white drama Sult (Hunger) which offers a stark perspective on poverty and desperation, Peter Brook’s thought-provoking antiwar work Tell Me Lies from 1968, and Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast from 1946.For tickets and more information: (03) 606-0800 (Tel Aviv), (02) 565- 4356 (Jerusalem) and (04) 835- 3500 (Haifa)
Singing with You, again
Former pop-music sparring partners Daniel Salomon and Dana Adini will join forces for the first time in almost a decade for the Singing with You show which will take place at the Enav Center in Tel Aviv on January 9 (9 p.m.).
The repertoire for the concert includes classic pop duets from the Israeli songbook, as well as American and British hits from yesteryear, such as Tza’ar Li Vetza’ar Lecha, originally performed by Arik Einstein and Yehudit Ravitz, Sonny and Cher’s 1965 smash hit I Got You Babe, and Lashir Itcha (Singing with You) which was first recorded in 1987 by Boaz Sharabi and Shoshana Damari.
Salomon, who will play piano and sing, and Adini (vocals) will be supported by doublebass player Adam Ben-Ezra and drummer Matan Efrat.
For tickets and more information: *9080 and
Volunteering up north
The Mara Theater company of Kiryat Shmona will unveil its latest production, a new reading of Dan Clancy’s award-winning Volunteer Man, on January 9, with further shows lined up for January 11 and 25 (all 8:30 p.m.).
The play is based on the principle of the right of a patient with an incurable disease to end his or her own life. Volunteer Man tells the story of a moving encounter between an introverted white gay man and a black drug dealer who is dying of AIDS.
They come from different worlds, with contrasting ideas of right and wrong, but eventually find a common language.
The Mara version is directed by Roi Horowitz, with music by Daniel Salomon, and stars Horowitz, Michael Gamliel and Moran Zaafrani.
For tickets and more information: (04) 695-9659 and
Red in the hair
The Beautiful Ginger photographic project was unveiled at the Dizengoff Center Gallery in Tel Aviv on Wednesday and will run until the end of the month.
The show includes works by Nurit Ben-Shitreet which she created as part of her final project at the Visual Media Department of the academic Center at Haifa WIZO. Ben-Shitreet took photographs of 150 red-haired men, women and children in an effort to investigate their charm.
The exhibition was previously displayed at Design Week in Tokyo.
Veteran US jazz drummer flies in
Sixty-nine-year-old fusion jazz drummer Billy Cobham will join forces with teachers and students from the Rimon School of Music for a concert at the Givatayim Theater on January 9.
Cobham, whose four decade-plus CV to date includes collaborations with such jazz titans as trumpeter Miles Davis and the Brecker Brothers, and has released over 40 albums, will also oversee workshops with Rimon students from January 6 to 8, and star in a January 7 (9 p.m.) jam session at the Shablul Club in the Tel Aviv Port.
For tickets and more information: (03) 732-5340