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Astrology for the week of October 5, 2012

galaxy NGC 7090 370 (photo credit: NASA/Reuters)
galaxy NGC 7090 370
(photo credit: NASA/Reuters)
LIBRA (AIR) SEPTEMBER 23 – OCTOBER 23 As the week progresses, you will feel as if a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Personal matters have consumed much of your spare time and energy but now you are free to move forward with your life. Your first goal needs to be centered on improving your financial situation.
Once you have settled on a plan, you will be amazed at how easy it will be to attain your goals—one step at a time. This is the week for walking away from old relationships and embracing a new one.
HINT: Keep your ideas to yourself for a little longer.
SCORPIO (WATER) OCTOBER 24 – NOVEMBER 21 This is the week for taking care of unfinished business. As the week progresses, you will receive enough information so that you can finally make your move.
For far too long you have put your own needs aside while taking care of another and that is finally coming to an end. You have paid your dues; go out and celebrate. Money and finances are not quite what you would like them to be, so watch your spending and try to cut back wherever possible.
HINT: A conversation with a sibling will help you see things in a new and interesting manner.
Not one to jump in and judge others, this week you need to take a good, hard look at the people who surround you and make some decisions as to who really deserves to be admitted into your inner circle. This is the time for contemplation rather than conversation and the less said right now, the better.
HINT: Try to fee up some space to be with your family at the beginning of the week. They understand you are busy, but a little consideration on your part will go a long way.
This week you will be surrounded by many people, both new and old; so, be prepared for sudden changes in your schedule.
If you use your free time wisely you will be able to not only finish an important project, but will be able to go out and socialize. Money and finances continue to be on your mind, but for the time being you are doing the best you can to stay within your budget.
HINT: Your relationship with an earth sign shows promise and this is the week for enjoying each other’s company.
Insecurities from the past are behind you now and this is the time for not only believing in yourself but for enjoying the fruits of your hard earned labors.
Professionally all your hard work is about to pay off, so be patient for just a little while longer. The middle portion of this week is a perfect time for arranging important meetings both professionally and socially. You are at your best and have the energy, experience and drive needed to make a very good impression.
HINT: You may need to be a bit more flexible when dealing with a family
For quite some time you have been considering registering for a course or two and this is the time to do something about it. They may not advance you professionally, but they will do a great deal towards bringing you personal joy and satisfaction. You may find it difficult expressing yourself right now as you have a great deal on your mind and take things very seriously.
HINT: This is a perfect time for working in harmony with your partner and/or mate.
Trust your judgment, especially when meeting people for the first time.
If you have any doubts, then refrain from becoming too involved either socially or professionally.
As the weeks progress, you will gain more insight and that is when you can make your final decision.
Financially you need to take a good look at how you spend your money and even a few minor adjustments will help a great deal.
HINT: You may not be as much in control of your life this week as you would like, but rather than fight the waves, sit back and enjoy the journey.
The lines of communication between yourself and a partner and/or mate may not be as open as you would like right now for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. The truth is that you are in a much stronger and better position than you have been in for a long time. The more you trust and believe in yourself, the better. Everyone else knows just how special you really are.
HINT: This is a good week for developing your creative side. With your vast experience; your knowledge and your serious work ethic nothing can stop you now!
This is a perfect week for spending as much time as possible at home resting and enjoying some peaceful time with family and close friends.
Even when sitting quietly your mind is racing ahead with new plans and ideas. Relax. Nothing will happen if you put your thoughts on hold for a day or two in order to unwind and recharge.
By the middle part of this week your free time will be at a minimum as a new offer needs to be carefully evaluated and considered.
HINT: Pay attention to where you leave your wallet and keys.
The time has come for you to stop worrying about everyone and to pamper yourself instead.
Family and close friends are so accustomed to turn to you for help that you end up working overtime and sleeping less as you try to deal with other people’s problems.
A deeper level of understanding and appreciation is felt this week between yourself and a sibling. Few have the kind of special relationship that you do.
HINT: When speaking to another water sign trust your intuition and you will know just how much you should reveal.
There is a fine line between helping out and being taken advantage of, and it will be up to you to establish some strong borders if you wish to stay out of the red financially. Temporary tension felt at home is normal and the less you get involved, the better.
Energy spent on a creative project will not only bring you immediate satisfaction, but in the long run may provide some financial success.
HINT: Be patient with a family member who is going through a rough patch and needs a shoulder to lean on.
People are attracted to you more than ever these days and this is the perfect time for making some important contacts professionally and for solidifying a personal relationship. The more flexible you are right now, the better and even if things aren’t exactly as you would prefer, closing a blind eye is your best course of action.
HINT: Money and financial matters are always on your mind and although are still a bit short of your mark, you are however, making headway.
TIP FOR THE WEEK: Take your time and think things through before you make your move.