Color is in

Style coach Elana Shap and photographer Natalie Muallem search for colorful style on the streets of Tel Aviv.

Fashion girl tlv (photo credit: NATALIE MUALLEM)
Fashion girl tlv
(photo credit: NATALIE MUALLEM)

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you need to dress in drab tones. If you can’t let go of gray or black, then at least accessorize with a brightly colored scarf, a piece of jewelry or pair of stockings.

And remember, color doesn’t only make us feel more upbeat, it can actually project confidence.

Happy color

How could we not go into a store with the name Happy? This “pop-up” shop, owned by the trendy chain, Story, will be open until March, at the corner of Sheinkin and Ahad Ha’am streets.
There we met Stephanie, a tourist from Melbourne who was also admiring the funky socks by Swedish brand, Happy.
Where is your gorgeous floral tunic from? It’s by an Australian design duo that I love very much called Scanlan and Theodore.
Do people in Australia wear a lot of color? You’d think so, with our outdoor lifestyle, but actually I mostly wear black.
As an event stylist I prefer to blend into the background when I am working.
You seem to love color going by your orange and pink reflective sunglasses.
Yes, aren’t these Ray Ban’s cool? This is how I dress when I am on holiday and Tel Aviv is such a fun city to be in – so my clothes reflect that.
Confident color
Ehud was down from Kibbutz Hukok on the Kinneret to celebrate his sister’s wedding. He was grabbing a bouquet when we spotted his orange geometric print retro shirt.
Your style is individualistic? Fashion is part of my being and I’m always looking for the unusual. I picked up this shirt for five euros at a secondhand store in Budapest.
Who inspires your style? My mom, who is involved with fashion, always amazes me with her sense of style. She is always reinventing herself and is never boring.
You are clearly not afraid to express yourself through your clothes and accessories, either. Where are your great black glasses with the red and yellow rim from? They are by Caroline Lempke, but my favorites are this other pair with a metal rim – more retro, I think to match my shirt.
Trendy color
Maroon is one of this winter’s trendiest colors (especially if matched with navy) and Voja, a 20-year-old student from Warsaw, Poland, also seems to love it judging by her leggings, sneakers and watch.
Do you always wear a watch that matches your clothes? No, it just so happens that I wear a lot of autumn colors and the watch fits into this group. By the way it’s a Lambretta watch (the trendy Italian scooter brand).
How do you define your style? I’m not a girly type. I like to mix up styles and be quite sporty.
What are you doing in Tel Aviv? I volunteer at the Jaffa Institute where I teach English.
Do you like the style in Tel Aviv? Yes, the vibe is a mix of Middle East, Europe and New York, and it’s very casual.
Ethnic color
With her orange turban and glittering ethnic jewelry, Sigal made our day.
Is there a technique to tying your headdress? Yes, I learnt to tie it like a true Sikh when I was in India three years ago.
Does the color have any significance? Color in India usually indicates the age of the person, but I prefer to give spiritual significance to the colors I choose to wear. Color for me shows my spirit and my energy.
Where are your embroidered boots from? I bought them in Nepal where I went on a shopping trip. I went to buy fabric and jewelry, such as these bracelets from Jaipur – which has the best jewelry-making tradition in India.