Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of April 5, 2013

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Take your time, there’s no rush.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
Time to stop thinking and to start working.
You have gone over every detail so much that you may have lost the forest for the trees. Take a step back, reorganize your thinking, and get to work.
When dealing with people in authority, make sure of the facts, speak clearly and don’t back down. You know when you are right. Remember though, it isn’t what you say but rather how you say it.
HINT: Money and finances continue to be on your mind, but there is nothing more you can do to change the situation. The good news is that you are making ends meet and soon will have enough to put something aside for a trip towards the end of the year.
You have a definite need to be in control of your financial situation at all times. The difficulty appears when situations which are beyond your control appear. This week baby steps will move you forward faster than trying to run and hit a brick wall. You also must resist the temptation to influence the way others think. You have enough dependents as it is at the moment.
HINT:  Professionally, people enjoy working with you. Your vast fund of knowledge, leadership qualities and great experience will pave the way toward some interesting connections in the near future.
The time has come for you to get rid of some emotional baggage that has been holding you down. People you trusted who disappointed you have lost a good friend or a fine employee. The truth is that they didn’t deserve you and better and finer things are on their way. So, let go and move on.
Professionally, you are making a name for yourself and everyone who comes into contact with you is impressed by your honesty, integrity and fine work ethic.
HINT: Take some time off this week to relax and recharge. The change of pace is just what you need right now.
Too much is going on around you where money and finances are concerned and the time has come to get some sound advice from a financial adviser or an expert whom you trust. You won’t be either able or interested in working the long hours you are putting in for many more years, so plan now. Although you won’t forget some of the problems from your past, you do recognize that they are behind you and are ready to start over and move on.
HINT: A conversation with an old friend will do much to help you see things clearly and from a different perspective.
Check your options carefully and begin weeding out those which seem either too fantastic or too time consuming. You know your worth and know how much spare time and energy you have at your disposal.
Any contact or work you have with creative people will spark a flame which has been lying dormant for far too long. You have fabulous ideas and coupled with your intelligence and intuition should put your name at the top of the list.
HINT: Sunday and Monday are good days for working around the house, taking care of chores which you have put off for too long.
You have been burning the candle at both ends for so long that you have almost forgotten how to sit down and relax with a good book, a puzzle or simply alone with yourself for company. The time is quickly approaching where you will need to take a step back and put some balance into your life. Reach out to others wherever possible and be careful where you place your trust. Not everyone is as honest and ethical as you are.
HINT: Very creative, you will have the opportunity in the coming weeks to show someone you respect greatly just how good the plan is that you have been working on.
Always ready to face the world head on, people sometimes forget just how sensitive and vulnerable you can be. Someone close to you may have inadvertently said or done something which has upset you. Rather than internalize, this time let them know quietly just how you feel. You will be very pleased you did. At work, people are becoming more and more dependent on you as you continue to show just how professional and intelligent you really are.
HINT: Take some time off this week to visit with a family member who always makes you feel good.
Normally laid back, you may be surprised at how little patience you have for foolish people or situations this week.
With so much to do and so little free time, you need to take charge, get organized and roll up your sleeves. Any time you spend with your family warms your heart and the beginning of the week provides a perfect opportunity to relax in each other’s company sharing thoughts, dreams and ideas.
HINT: Your plans to travel may have been placed on a back burner, but they are still very much alive. In the coming months you will decide whether you have the necessary time and funds.
You feel quite pressured these days both in your personal and professional life and the best you can do is get very organized.
Once you have everything put solidly into place you can begin addressing your agenda, one item at a time. Your relationship with a colleague may take on a more personal note, as this person sincerely wishes to be considered a friend.
Don’t waste time ruminating over past mistakes. You can’t change the wind, but you certainly can adjust your sails.
HINT: Before signing any important documents, get a second opinion.GEMINI (AIR) MAY 21 – JUNE 21
After investing a great deal of time and effort on people you considered your friend, you may wake up to discover that these ties were more relationships than friendships.
Rather than get upset, realize that each person you meet has a purpose in your life and evidently these people were not meant to be around for the long haul. Accept what gifts they gave and move on.
HINT: Although your financial situation is not causing you any restless nights, that does not mean, however, that you can go out on a shopping binge. One perfect rose will bring joy whereas forty of them could bring on an attack of hay fever!
By bending over backwards to accommodate a friend, or someone from your past, you may inadvertently create a situation which is exactly the opposite of what you intended. Better to say a quick ‘no’ than to let this person live in false hope. Sometimes tough love is much kinder in the long run. This is a great week for working with people as a consultant or arbitrator as you have the ability to see things from many different aspects.
HINT: This is the week for giving and receiving as you work to replace balance in your life.
Take a step back and enjoy some quiet time at home. For far too long you have been putting in long and demanding hours at work. Aside from the satisfaction of a job well done and the respect and admiration of your colleagues and employers, you have gotten to a point where you need to recharge and relax. This is a perfect week for entertaining and being entertained.
Small, impromptu get-togethers with old friends will do much to lighten your spirit.
HINT: Financially you continue watching your spending but soon this too will ease up as more income comes your way.