Britain's Kairos 4tet band will play at Tel Aviv’s Zappa Club on October 19.

Eric Clapton (photo credit: REUTERS)
Eric Clapton
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A touch of British jazz
Israeli jazz fans will be introduced to a new sound and vibe when the Kairos 4tet band from Britain makes it over here for one gig, at Tel Aviv’s Zappa Club on October 19 (doors open 7 p.m., show starts 9 p.m.).
The foursome was founded by Jewish saxophonist-composer Adam Waldmann in 2008 and the group quickly became a fixture on the healthy British jazz scene, later taking on a wider performance geographical hinterland, with regular excursions to mainland Europe.
The band released its debut album, Kairos Moment, in 2010.
It was well-received, and the following year the group won a prestigious MOBO Award. The sophomore offering, Statement of Intent, came out in 2013 while the latest CD, Everything We Hold, was released earlier this year to great acclaim.
Local jazz enthusiasts used to a primarily Stateside jazz diet should find the British group’s gig intriguing as well as highly entertaining, and can expect an appetizing mix of ballads and faster-paced and more sonically and stylistically adventurous outings, betwixt eminently appealing songs. Joining Waldmann on the Zappa stage will be cohorts bass player Jasper Holby, pianist Ivo Neame and vocalist Fridolijn van Poll, and they will be joined by young though well-seasoned Israeli drummer Ofri Nehemya.
For tickets and more information: *9080 and
Matters of beauty
Matty Karp has been around the block a few times, and the public will be privy to some of the results of his globetrotting escapades at “Karp’s Beauty Matters” photography exhibition, which opens at Theater Hall in the Jaffa Port on October 14.
The show incorporates some 100 items, including prints as well as interchanging video works and two video art creations.
Karp says his thinking behind the aesthetically titled exhibition is to remind us that beauty really does matter, and that we should take the time to appreciate the simplicity and emotive powers of the beauty constantly surrounding us, in nature and urban environments alike.
“Beauty Matters” closes on October 27. For more information: (03) 683-2255 and
Revisiting golden oldies
Pianist Haim Tukachinsky, and vocalists Shani Verman and Ziv Shallit, will present a roll call of golden oldies from the Israeli songbook at their “Keshe’anahnu Netzeh Beyahad” (When We Go Out Together) show at the Felicja Blumenthal Center in Tel Aviv on October 29 (8:30 p.m.).
The show repertoire takes in works written by some of our leading poets and lyricists, Nathan Alterman, Leah Goldberg, Haim Hefer and Alexander Penn, as well as lesser-known songwriters. The music for the songs was written by a wide variety of composers, across several generations, and takes in iconic composer Sasha Argov as well more contemporary tunesmiths Yoni Rechter, Kobi Oshrat and Ahinoam Nini.
Tukachinsky, Verman and Shallit will perform well-known songs, such as Penn’s “Vidui” (Confession), “Bayom Hazeh” (On This Day) and “Mah Osot Ha’ayalot” (What the Does Do) written by Goldberg, and Alterman’s “Mibli Lehafria” (Without Interrupting), and “Me’ever Latechelet” (Beyond the Blue) by Rachel Shapira.
For tickets and more information: (03) 620-1185
E.C. is here
Back in the ’60s, devotees of guitar great Eric Clapton daubed the walls of Britain with such hyperbolically complementary graffiti as “E.C. is God.” While Clapton was, and still is, considered by many rock and blues fans to be among the best there is, the audience at Gal Nisman’s Clapton tribute show, on October 11 at the Ilana Goor Museum in Jaffa (9 p.m.), can expect to hear some cultured and moving sounds rather than experiencing some divine presence.
Nisman, who has also appeared at the Jacob’s Ladder Festival in the Galilee, will perform a string of bluesy hits by the legendary British guitarist on acoustic guitar, accompanied by his own vocals.
The ticket to the show also includes a guided tour of the museum.
For tickets and more information: (03) 683-7676, ext. 03, and