Assad supports Arab League mediation in Lebanon

Syrian President Bashar Assad on Thursday gave his full support to Arab League mediation to end the long-running political crisis in neighboring Lebanon, the head of the Arab League said. "We are moving toward reaching a Lebanese reconciliation," said Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa after meeting with Assad. He did not elaborate. Moussa arrived in the Syrian capital earlier Thursday from Lebanon where he held two days of talks with rival leaders. His visit to Lebanon was his second in less than a week amid plans by the Hezbollah-led opposition to escalate its open-ended street protests against the Saniora government. "I feel relieved," Moussa told reporters. "What is important is to salvage the Arab world from the woes of divisions and threats of what we are seeing in the region." Assad "supports my efforts, the initiative I am making and the efforts of the Arab League in this regard," Moussa said.