Barak orders renewal of Gaza gas supply

Transfer of diesel gas for power plant, cooking gas to be allowed; Gaza universities close due to fuel cuts.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak decided Monday to renew the supply of diesel gas to the Gaza Strip for the Palestinian power plant there starting Wednesday. The fuel supplies were stopped last Wednesday following the terror infiltration into the Nahal Oz fuel depot during which Palestinian terrorists killed two Israelis. Barak's decision pertains to diesel for the power plant and cooking gas. Defense officials said however that in the meantime Israel would not allow the transfer of gasoline for transportation. Meanwhile Monday, Gaza's four main universities shut down after officials said students couldn't get to class because of fuel shortages. University officials said attendance rates were down by at least 60 percent for most classes on Monday, prompting the suspension. Most universities will suspend classes until Thursday, when officials said they would put together an emergency education plan. That may include conducting some lectures over the Internet and radio, officials said. AP contributed to the report.