Clashes in Jordan over Israeli imports

Protesters claim buying Israeli agricultural produce supports West Bank settlements; two men arrested.

jordan riot protest arrest 248 88 ap (photo credit: )
jordan riot protest arrest 248 88 ap
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Some 45 protesters clashed with Jordanian police outside the country's agricultural ministry in the capital of Amman on Sunday, demanding an end to the import of Israeli fruits and vegetables. Police wielded batons against some of the demonstrators, who chanted slogans that imports support West Bank settlements. Two protesters were arrested, and an Associated Press photographer at the scene said about six others joined them in the police van in a sign of solidarity. Two other people were injured in clashed with Jordanian authorities. Jordanian officials said that none of the 3,600 tons of agricultural produce imported yearly from Israel are grown in West Bank settlements. Approximately 70 percent of Jordan's population are of Syro-Palestinian descent, according to the Jordan national census of 2004.