'Death penalty to spies for Israel'

Death penalty to spies

A military prosecutor in Beirut is pushing for a Lebanese man who was found guilty of spying for Israel to be given the death sentence, Israel Radio reported Wednesday. Ali Hussein Mantish was found guilty of passing information to Israel on targets inside Lebanon. He was arrested in July in part of a sweeping campaign to bust an alleged Israeli spy ring which saw more than 70 people detained. According to the Israel Radio report, Lebanese prosecutors said he gave information to his Israeli handler by cell phone, as well as via a special device with which he was supplied. He was also accused of traveling to Israel to meet with intelligence agents several times. The prosecution said that Mantish received thousands of dollars in return for the information. Mantish is a shop owner, and his brother worked as an escort to one the leaders of the Shi'ite Amal movement. Alex Sorin contributed to this report