Egyptian authorities open investigation into pornstar's provocative pictures

After pictures surface on Internet, Egyptian authorities respond to conservative outrage.

Adult film star Carmen De Luz in front of pyramid in Giza (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Adult film star Carmen De Luz in front of pyramid in Giza
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Egyptian authorities were reportedly outraged after an adult film actress posted provocative photos of herself on Facebook in front of the pyramids in Giza.
Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities said Friday it was opening an investigation into pornstar Carmen De Luz and released a statement saying "by thoroughly examining the pictures it is clear that there were no individuals or tour buses in the background, meaning that De Luz stayed in the area past the permitted hours."
The ministry quoted  De Luz's Facebook account saying that she only took pictures of herself and denied media reports that a pornographic video was shot in the area surrounding the pyramids and sphinx, according to the English-language news outlet Ahram Online.   
De Luz, who visited Egypt earlier in the week, later wrote on her Twitter account "I did not shoot a porno in Egypt for the sacredness of its people," and "…only went to visit because I love Egypt.”
One of the pictures shared by the actress showed her wearing a black cloak covering her body, while another picture showed her riding a camel and revealing her bottom with the pyramids in the background, Ahram Online added.
Outcries by Egypt's conservatives have erupted after similar events occurred in the past. At least two pornographic videos have been shot at the pyramids - including one this year- leading government authorities to open investigations and tighten controls around the historic site.