EU countries want more Iran sanctions

Poll: Europeans support int'l intervention to stop nuclear threat.

A nuclear power plant (illustrative). (photo credit: AP)
A nuclear power plant (illustrative).
(photo credit: AP)
WASHINGTON – A new poll shows European countries strongly supportive of international intervention to stop a nuclear-armed Iran, including further sanctions.
By overwhelming numbers, citizens of Germany, France and Sweden said that they wanted the international community to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons – by 80 percent, 83% and 90% respectively – rather than agreeing that Iran has the right to develop nuclear weapons.
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Those surveyed in the three countries also said they want to see the EU impose further sanctions. Germans answered that they wanted additional sanctions by a 70-22 margin, French by a 66-27 margin and Swedes by a 78-15 margin.
In addition, significant majorities of all three groups had cool rather than warm feelings towards Iran.
The poll was conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research from The Israel Project over the second and third week of July. It was conducted of just over 1,000 people in Germany and France, and 500 in Sweden. The margin of error was +/- 3.1 percent in France and Germany and 4.5 +/- percent in Sweden.
The Israel Project declined to comment on whether a possible military strike had been another possible type of international intervention posed to those surveyed.