'Expert' on PA TV claims Israeli rabbis encourage killing children

The claim from Wasef Erekat comes as PA and Fatah officials have long promoted terrorist attacks to Palestinian children.

PALESTINIANS BURN tires in a demonstration during the First Intifada in Ramallah in 1988 (photo credit: GPO)
PALESTINIANS BURN tires in a demonstration during the First Intifada in Ramallah in 1988
(photo credit: GPO)
An alleged 'military expert' featured on Palestinian Authority (PA) television claimed that rabbis in Israel teach Jewish children to “kill everyone who is not Jewish,” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported on Friday. 
Wasef Erekat, the name of the apparent "expert," further detailed that Jewish Israeli kids are taught to kill particularly "Palestinian children."
“The Jews, the Israeli ‎rabbis, are indoctrinating the Jewish kids: “Kill whoever is not Jewish.” ‎They are indoctrinating the Jewish children: “Kill the Palestinian ‎children,”‎ Erekat said on the PA channel. 
The claim from Erekat comes as PA and Fatah officials, the latter of which is the central political party among Palestinian in the West Bank, have long promoted terrorism and martyrdom to Palestinian children against Israeli Jews, irrespective of age. 
Senior Fatah official Abbas Zaki told Palestinian children in early January that throwing rocks at Jewish Israelis in the West Bank should be encouraged. 
“Ted Koppel (US broadcast journalist and news anchor), came in 1987 to prepare ‎daily reports from the [first] Intifada (Palestinian wave of violence ‎and terror against Israel, approximately 200 Israelis murdered between 1987-‎‎1993)... He passed by a [Palestinian] nine- or 10-year-old child ‎standing on a trash heap and holding rocks, as if he were ‎preparing. [Koppel]... asked him: ‘What are you doing here?’ [The ‎child] answered: ‘I am waiting for Jews.’ [Koppel] asked: ‘Why?’ He ‎answered: ‘Because they killed my uncle. I want to slaughter them.’ ‎‎[Koppel] told him: ‘Go home,’ ... [The child] answered him: ‘Ah, so ‎you’re a Jew. You’re one of them, you’re from Israel,’ Zaki elaborated in his story, as translated by PMW. 
The boy allegedly began to chase Koppel with rocks, saying "Palestine is ‎our land and the Israelis are our dogs."  
"Look how far it went. If one of our children causes someone like ‎Ted Koppel to say such things, our situation is good. We are ‎proud that the young people are the future,” Zaki concluded. 
PMW noted that the incident is one of many others allegedly designed to incite Palestinian youth to commit violent acts.