Fatah family vows revenge on Hamas

"The response is coming," scream mourners of a murdered Fatah member.

pal masked gunmen 298 ap (photo credit: AP)
pal masked gunmen 298 ap
(photo credit: AP)
Hundreds of Fatah supporters clamored for revenge against Hamas on Saturday, during the funeral of a Fatah loyalist killed in a new round of infighting that left four people dead since the Hamas-Fatah coalition government was formed a week ago. The latest victim was Arafa Nofal, a pro-Fatah security man, whose bullet-riddled body was found outside the home of a Hamas-allied family late Friday, hours after he was kidnapped, security officials said.
  • Two die in ongoing Hamas-Fatah clashes Nofal's family carried his bruised body, wrapped in Fatah's yellow flag and a Palestinian flag, through the streets of Gaza City. "The response is coming, the response is coming," shouted the mourners, including dozens of gunmen. The formation of the coalition government was to have put an end to a bloody Hamas-Fatah power struggle that killed more than 140 people in the past year. However, four people have been killed in Gaza since the new coalition was sworn in. Among the dead was a 4-year-old boy caught in crossfire Thursday. On Thursday, a Gaza man was killed during a showdown between his Fatah-affiliated family and members of a Hamas militia, while on Wednesday a 24-year-old Fatah man was killed in an armed clash between Fatah and Hamas supporters.