Gaza groups condemn Egypt's branding of Hamas as terror group

10 Palestinian terror factions claim their fight is only with Israel, and that they don't intervene in internal affairs of Arab countries.

Terrorists factions in Gaza take part in a news conference (photo credit: REUTERS)
Terrorists factions in Gaza take part in a news conference
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Various armed groups in the Gaza Strip on Thursday condemned an Egyptian court’s decision to ban Hamas’s military wing, Izzadin Kassam.
Masked representatives told reporters during a press conference in Gaza City that the Palestinians do not meddle in the internal affairs of Arab countries, including Egypt.
“The [Egyptian] decision serves the interests of Israel,” they said, referring to the court ruling that the Hamas military wing is a terrorist group. “The decision also causes harm to the Egyptian people,” they added, calling on Egyptians to reject it and support Palestinian “resistance” groups.
The armed groups called on Palestinians to stage protests against the Egyptian court’s ruling following Friday prayers.
Over the past few days, Hamas supporters have held a series of protests against the court’s ruling.
The latest tensions between Hamas and Egypt erupted after a spree of terrorist attacks that killed 31 soldiers and injured more than 40 others in Sinai.
Some Egyptians have accused Hamas of involvement in the attacks – a charge that has been strongly denied by Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip.
Earlier this week, Hamas said Egyptian border guards opened fire at two military bases inside the Gaza Strip. No one was hurt in the incident, which occurred after a roadside bomb exploded near an Egyptian army patrol.
The Palestinian Ma’an news agency claimed Egypt sent a warning to Hamas following the incident, which took place near Rafah. The agency quoted a senior Egyptian official saying Egypt considers Hamas responsible for protecting the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. The official said Egypt would continue to destroy smuggling tunnels along the border with the Strip.
Meanwhile, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri warned that the continued blockade of the Gaza Strip could prompt his movement to take acts that “might be described by Israel as crazy.” Abu Zuhri told Hamas supporters during a rally in Rafah against the Egyptian court ruling that the Gaza Strip “could explode any minute as a result of the unjust blockade.”
Abu Zuhri condemned the court ruling as a “coup against history,” saying it would not undermine Hamas’s military wing.