Gaza: Gunmen kidnap two American school teachers

Palestinian gunmen abducted two foreign teachers from an American school as they were driving north of Gaza City on Wednesday, witnesses said. The foreigners were identified only as a Belgian and a Dutch. Their car was stopped by unidentified armed men who forced them into their vehicle and drove them to an unknown destination. The school administration confirmed that two faculty members were missing and sent itsl students home. About 100 students are enrolled in the elite private school, north of Gaza City. The kidnappings took place a day after a group of gunmen threatened to abduct foreigners if their demands to be folded into the Palestinian security services were not met. These armed men denied involvment in Wednesday's kidnapping. Groups have kidnapped foreigners in increasingly chaotic Gaza recently, usually as bargaining chips to get relatives released from Palestinian prisons, secure jobs from the Palestinian Authority or settle personal scores. The kidnappings have all been brief, and the hostages have all been released unhamred.