Grenade thrown near Lebanese legislator's house

A hand grenade exploded Saturday near the home of a Druse member of Lebanon's parliament, igniting a fire but causing no casualties, security officials said. Unknown assailants hurled the grenade from a forest about 150 meters (492 feet) away from the home of Ayman Shoukeir in the central mountain town of Ras el-Maten. But the legislator was not at home, and no damage was reported, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to give official statements. Civil defense workers put out the small fire that was started by the explosion, they said. Shoukeir is a member of anti-Syrian Druse leader Walid Jumblatt's parliamentary bloc. There has been a string of explosions in Lebanon in the past two years, most of them targeting anti-Syrian politicians or journalists.