Hamas force returns stolen lion to Gaza zoo

Even animals with large teeth and claws do not fare well in the volatile Gaza Strip. On Monday, Hamas militiamen raiding the hideout of a notorious drug ring stumbled upon a lion stolen at riflepoint two years ago from the Gaza Zoo, said a force commander, Abu Hamam al-Deeb. But she was malnourished, missing four teeth, claws and part of her tail, a veterinarian said. Militiamen found the 2-year-old lion _ as well as drugs and a weapons cache that were the target of the raid _ after exchanging fire with the gunmen, al-Deeb said. Sabrina was brought back to the Gaza Zoo and reunited with her brother, Sakher, who had avoided capture by resisting the gunmen. The two playfully swatted each other in the face and chased each other. When a zoo guard tried to pet Sabrina, Sakher crouched as if ready to pounce on him.