Hamas man shot and wounded in Gaza

Abdel Hadi Siyam, 35, taken to Hamas clinic "for security reasons," Hamas says.

aksa march gaza 298 88ap (photo credit: AP [file])
aksa march gaza 298 88ap
(photo credit: AP [file])
A senior member of Hamas' military wing was shot in the chest in a drive-by shooting early Saturday, Palestinian security officials and Hamas officials said. The shooting came amid growing tensions between the radical Islamic Hamas government and Palestinian security forces dominated by the rival Fatah party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. The man, Abdel Hadi Siyam, 35, was taken from the hospital to a Hamas clinic for security reasons, a Hamas spokesman, Abu Obeidah, said. Siyam, who is wanted by Israel, was fired at in the same neighborhood two months ago by Palestinian security forces, but escaped injury, Hamas said. Palestinian security sources said Siyam is a cousin of Palestinian Interior Minister Said Siyam of Hamas, but Hamas officials would not confirm any relationship.