Iraqi government employee killed in ambush

Militants kill a government worker in a highway ambush and wound four more.

Baghdad car bomb 248.88 (photo credit: )
Baghdad car bomb 248.88
(photo credit: )
BAGHDAD — Militants killed a government worker in a highway ambush and wounded four more in a string of attacks across Baghdad on Sunday targeting public employees.
Police said the assailants flagged down the car of an employee of Iraqi's Committee on Anti-Corruption as he was driving on Baghdad's airport road and shot him. A hospital official confirmed the killing.
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Nicknamed "Route Irish" by the US military, the highway runs through several Sunni neighborhoods and was considered one of the world's deadliest roads at the height of the insurgency in 2006 and 2007.
Three other attacks in the capital also targeted public employees.
A Culture Ministry worker and an Electricity Ministry employee were wounded in separate shootings, while two Cabinet aides were wounded in a car bombing, police said.
Another blast killed one passer-by and wounded seven others in the mixed Sunni-Shi'ite Karradah neighborhood. Officials said the bomb appeared to be targeting a police patrol.
All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.
Iraqis have grown increasingly frustrated by the country's political deadlock that has Iraq without a government more than six months after March elections failed to produce a clear winner.
Iraqi and US officials fear that insurgents are trying to exploit the political vacuum in an attempt to re-ignite sectarian tensions.