Iraqi police: Parked car bomb kills 2, wounds 15 in Mosul

Bombs planted along Iraq's roads and in a parked car killed at least three people in separate attacks Sunday, police said. Explosives hidden in a parked car went off around 11 a.m. near an Iraqi police patrol in Mosul, killing two civilian bystanders and wounding at least 15 people, according to police Brig. Mohammed al-Wagga. Five of those wounded were policemen, he said. The blast caused damage to retail shops in the Dawasa neighborhood, and about 15 cars were burned, al-Wagga said. Farther south in Tikrit, a bomb exploded inside a police station, killing one policeman and wounding two others, according to police and doctors at a nearby hospital. The officers had discovered the bomb on a downtown street and thought they had defused it, police said. Afterward, they brought the bomb to a station for further examination, and it exploded, they said.