Kuwaiti faction expels 2 Shi'ite members for eulogizing Mughniyeh

A parliamentary bloc said Wednesday it has expelled two of its Shi'ite lawmakers who took part in a ceremony eulogizing Hezbollah's slain top commander, Imad Mughniyeh, because they disregarded the feelings of their fellow Kuwaitis. Describing the fugitive Lebanese terrorist - killed in a February 12 car bombing in Syria - as a hero has sparked public outrage in a country that holds him responsible for hijacking a Kuwait Airways flight and killing two of its Kuwaiti passengers 20 years ago. The two lawmakers were only expelled from their bloc and remained in the legislature, although some lawmakers have said the two should resign from the 50-seat house. The Popular Action bloc, which includes prominent opposition members, said it "utterly rejects and condemns" the participation of lawmakers Adnan Abdul-Samad and Ahmed Lari in the Saturday eulogy which "bloodied the hearts" of Kuwaitis.