Lebanese PM to respect resolutions with Israel

Report: Mikati reassures Ashton that his government will obey UN resolution 1701, as well as all other int'l resolutions.

Najib Mikati (photo credit: AP)
Najib Mikati
(photo credit: AP)
Lebanon will respect international resolutions, including the one ending its 2006 war with Israel, designated Lebanese Prime Minister Nagib Mikati told EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton on Wednesday, DPA reported.
Ashton stopped in Lebanon during a trip around the region.

'Hezbollah will conquer Galilee if there is war'
New Lebanon PM Mikati says he's committed to US ties
Mikati was chosen by Hezbollah as the new prime minister of Lebanon, after the group walked out of previous prime minister Saad Hariri's government.
He has also committed to having good ties with Washington.
Also on Wednesday, Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said that Hezbollah will conquer the Galilee if a war with Israel should break out. He said that Israel is scared and no longer has the confidence it had in the past.