Second Lebanon War

IDF along the northern border between Israel and Lebanon.

Is Israel progressing with Hezbollah or is terror group's retreat temporary?

the IDF is cautiously optimistic about Hezbollah’s partial withdrawals but does not feel that it can declare victory until withdrawals to more militarily relevant lines are made and attacks stop.

Netanyahu suggests changing name of 'Operation Swords of Iron' war

According to government sources, Netanyahu addressed the issue in the cabinet meeting today, stating, "'Swords of Iron' is the name of an operation, not the name of a war."


Has the great Hezbollah war question been answered? - analysis

According to some counts, Hezbollah has lost around 50 of its own fighters/terrorists in fighting with the IDF and otherwise.

Israel will unite in time of crisis - editorial

Hezbollah may think that they have found Israel unprepared, they are wrong

On this day: Remembering a fallen soldier, Roi Klein

Roi Klein was 31 years old when he was killed and is, to this day, one of the most famous Israeli war stories: the ultimate hero.

The Syrian role in Hezbollah’s 2006 war now casts a shadow on Israel - analysis

Hezbollah sees 2006 as an important symbol and believes that saving the Syrian regime, with Iran’s backing, has enabled a new paradigm in the region.

How Israel can use Syria to prevent Jenin from becoming Lebanon - analysis

Monday’s operation showed the IDF opted for the former approach. In so doing, it went for what could be called the Syrian formula.


New home for lone IDF combat soldiers to open in Ra'anana

The house will accommodate 93 lone combat soldiers and is set to open its doors in March 2024.

Regev's candidate for director-general said fallen soldier 'not a hero'

Regev has insisted that she intends to push for her candidate to be approved, despite widespread opposition.

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