'Let vegetarianism grow on you'

Amman police arrest activist dressed in lettuce.

AMMAN, Jordan — An animal rights activist caused a stir in Jordan's capital on Sunday, by covering herself in lettuce in a quirky attempt to persuade Middle Eastern meat lovers to go vegetarian.
Jordanian animal rights activist Amina Tarek.
Jordanian animal rights activist Amina Tarek.
Crowds quickly gathered to gawk at the lettuce lady, but police were not amused.
Officers briefly arrested the Jordanian activist, Amina Tarek, and a colleague from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
The pair stood in a square along one of Amman's trendiest streets and held a placard reading "Let vegetarianism grow on you."
Tarek says she wanted Jordanians "to turn over a new leaf."
Police held them for three hours, saying they had not obtained permission for Sunday's protest. The activists say they had approval.