Mashaal: Rocket attacks will continue

Hamas leader blames "negative foreign intervention" for tensions with Fatah.

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Damascus-based Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal declared on Tuesday that the rocket attacks against Israel would continue, the British newspaper The Guardian reported overnight. In an interview with the London paper, Mashaal warned that the efforts of the international community to pressure his organization would cause an explosion that would affect the entire Middle East. Mashaal blamed "negative foreign intervention, especially by the US and Israel," for the tensions between Hamas and Fatah. He added that armed resistance was what would bring about an end to the occupation and was what had caused former prime minister Ariel Sharon to pull out of the Gaza Strip and his predecessor Ehud Barak to leave Lebanon. "Under occupation, people don't ask whether their means are effective in hurting the enemy," he said. "The occupiers always have the means to hurt the people they control. The Palestinians have only modest means, so they defend themselves however they can."