Nasrallah calls for aid from Arab world

Says group refrained from hitting Haifa chemical plants.

nasrallah 298 88 ch2 (photo credit: Channel 2)
nasrallah 298 88 ch2
(photo credit: Channel 2)
In a recorded television speech on Sunday evening, Hizbullah head Hassan Nasrallah urged Arab states to come to the organization's aid. "Where are the Arab nations?" he asked, moments after declaring that Hizbullah wouldn't ask for help from anyone.
Speaking to Lebanese civilians, many of whom have expressed anger at Hizbullah's Wednesday attack in which two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped and which triggered a massive Israeli aerial bombardment of Lebanese infrastructure, Nasrallah affirmed that all damage caused by IDF strikes would be repaired after the battle was won. "We have friends who have a great ability to help us financially," he said. For a Jerusalem Online video of events click here He also urged the Arab world not to believe Israeli claims about the escalating conflict. "The enemy is lying," he declared, saying the "Zionists" were "managing a psychological war against us." In an unusually apologetic tone, Nasrallah said the organization had "no choice" but to hit the city of Haifa with rockets Sunday after Israel struck civilians in Lebanon. Nasrallah also used his speech to repeat threats to IDF forces and Israel. "If the enemy invades, we will have the opportunity to meet Israeli tanks [in battle]," he said, adding that Hizbullah fighters were "ready to sacrifice themselves and are convinced they will be victorious." He also warned that the organization had many "surprises" in store for the "Zionists." He claimed that Hizbullah has refrained from striking Haifa petrochemical plants but could reverse this decision. "One of our sources of strength is that the enemy does not know our power. He is working from wrong information, and therefore is lying," Nasrallah said of IDF assessments that five days of air strikes have severely damaged the organization's operational capabilities. "We have the power to hurt you," he told "the Zionist people. "Your army and your government are misleading you." Nasrallah also announced that Hizbullah would "start the next phase" of the conflict "since Israel has declared open war." He said the organization "won't hurt civilians unless you force us to," but declared it could "hit every town in northern Palestine."