'Peace must be reached in 2 yrs'

Otherwise, King Abdullah II fears, there will be nothing left to negotiate.

abdullah 88 (photo credit: )
abdullah 88
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Jordan's King Abdullah II asserted on Sunday that the peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians must be completed within two years. "I fear if this short time is over and we don't reach a settlement that there will nothing left for the Palestinians to negotiate over," he said in an interview to Al-Arabiya.
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He stated that the Hamas and the Palestinians should adopt a realistic approach, saying they should consider the international position and the current reality. "What is required now from peace advocates in the region," the king recommended, "is to work on continuing the momentum in the peace process and build on what has been achieved so that we don't lose this historic opportunity." Abdullah expressed the hope that the Quartet could reinvigorate the road map to allow the Israelis and the Palestinians to resume negotiations from the place where they left off a few years ago.