Report: Hamas, Fatah hold secret talks

Negotiations on return to unity gov't said to be mediated by other factions.

hamas spokesman 88.298 (photo credit: CNN [file])
hamas spokesman 88.298
(photo credit: CNN [file])
Secret talks aimed at solving internal Palestinian instability are being held between Hamas and Fatah officials, Ma'an reported on Friday. According to the Palestinian news agency, the aim of the negotiations was to reestablish the Palestinian Authority unity government which crumbled several weeks ago. Former Palestinian Authority government spokesman Ghazi Hamad (Hamas) and former Fatah security commander Jibril Rajoub, along with other representatives sent by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, were said to have held talks over the last few days.
  • Palestinian Affairs: The Palestinian Winograd Members of other Palestinian factions were reported to be mediating between Fatah and Hamas at the meetings. Among the mediators were independent legislator Mustafa Barghouti, Basam a-Salahi from the a-Sha'ab Party (the Nation) and Abed a-Rahim from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The talks were centered around creating a new unified government composed solely of independent candidates. Its term will last for nine and a half months, Ma'an reported. Furthermore, the parties had discussed the restructuring of the Palestinian defense mechanisms and the return of control of these groups to Abbas, the report said.