'World must stay suspicious of Iran'

Ephraim Kam - a former senior IDF intelligence officer - said the Iran-Russia nuclear agreement could only be considered an achievement if Iran completely folded and had agreed to suspend all enrichment activity on its soil. "If Russia will be the only country to enrich the uranium then it means that Iran folded and the United States has for now won," said Kam - the current deputy head of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies. While a Russian enrichment program would alleviate immediate fears that Iran was trying to manufacture nuclear weapons, Kam said it would not entirely eliminate the possibility that they would try again in the future. "Even if all of the enrichment is done in Russia it doesn't mean that Iran has given up its efforts to manufacture nuclear weapons," the analyst said. "All it might mean is that they want to relieve some of the pressure and that they really plan to return to their original intentions of making a bomb at a later stage." If Iran's agreement with Russia was genuine, Kam predicted a United Nations Security Council hearing on the Iranian nuclear program scheduled for next week would most likely be canceled. "We still need to be suspicious of the Iranians," he warned. "They may not stick to the agreement."