Soon objects and flowers  (photo credit: SOON OBJECTS AND FLOWERS)
Soon objects and flowers (photo credit: SOON OBJECTS AND FLOWERS)


3D your home to charming

Soon is a concept shop for fresh flowers, vases, candles, lamps, candlesticks and other objects printed in 3D that will make your home a little more charming.

The theory of "3 Dimensions of Sustainable Progress" presents three aspects that need to overlap to bring about the same progress: first and foremost – the environmental aspect, the economic aspect, and of course – the social aspect.

Soon’s mission is to overlap those three dimensions with 3D printing. The material used for printing is called PLA polymer and is made from renewables such as cornstarch, sugar and beets, making it one of the most environmentally friendly and 100% perishable polymers. 

In addition, under one roof, you will find a collection of high-quality design items, housewares and textiles that have been very carefully selected from top designers in Israel and abroad.

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Photos: Soon objects and flowers (Credit: Courtesy)


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